Evolve T-Shirts for kids?


I was curious to see if there were any nice evolve shirts on Amazon, when suddenly I found this:

I’m not sure whether this is legit, I know someone from the forum members (sorry if I can’t remember) made the drawing, but not sure if that shirt is 100% legit. Not to mention that it is advertising it for “kids”.


Not gonna lie… I want it… but why the hell is it $40?
I can buy 3 custom graphic tee’s, for $20…


I don’t believe that is legit. That was one of the winners of the WeLoveFine competition.


Either way, I don’t think a lot of people are buying it.


Here you go. It’s the last one, Phil’s pick.



Man, I really like the Bucket shirt, that looks amazing. Thanks for the link!


That small Mammoth Bird though…


That “Did we get’em” shirt is awsome! I need it! Lol


Wait… what are the terms for the WeLoveFine contest?
Can’t that shirt only be sold on their website now?


Most likely, I believe they own the design. Might be why the person on Amazon is only selling it for kids. If they lifted the art from the web it wouldn’t be high resolution enough for an adult tee.


It does say on the site that the design can be bought, not sure if you buy it if you can then do whatever you want with it (I believe so).


Can you link to that part? Might not be viewable on mobile.


When I click on it, it just brings me to the page where you can buy the shirt, so I dont believe you can actually buy the design itself.


No, you can’t buy the design. Technically that’s what that $300 prize is, it’s WeLoveFine buying your design to sell on their t-shirts.

If you didn’t win, then you keep your design. BUT this was a winner so they own it now.
That Amazon shirt shouldn’t be up, legally at least.


Either way, if WeLoveFine is the rightsholder then it’s their decision whether they take further action. I simply posted believing that the design was from one of the community members (as I remember seeing it here for the first time)

Since this is not the case, I don’t see any further point in this thread to stay open so it can be closed (unless others still have anything to add? :stuck_out_tongue: )