Evolve; Sync Kills/Fatalities/Brutalities idea's (share your's too!)


As someone who loved Sync Kills in Dawn of War 1 and 2, or the fatalities/brutalities from Moral Kombat X, I was wonder how the idea of Sync Kill/Fatalities/Brutalities could fit into a Evolve.

Here are some video’s from said games, so you can get the idea (Warning! these video’s are full of gory and violence!’):

Realistically, it would take an immense amount of animating, new voice acting and a whole new ‘gore’ system if we even want to consider this idea a reality, but I still wanted to share the idea with you guys.

However, if done well, a Sync Kill or fatality will not become dull, at least not for a long time. It is rather an excellent way to end a fighting in a satisfying kill, rather than the generic ‘victory’ screen we see in most games.

And imagine… after a long, very hard fought battle… you finally achieved victory. As you sit back and sigh in relief, you get the very satisfying view of your favourite monster/hunter brutalizing your most hated monster/hunter in gory fashion.

Here are some idea’s I had of my own, though I am sure there are people who are far more creative than I am. I’ve also made it so that:
-Monsters preform the same fatalities on each hunter, though a monster can have multiple fatalities.

-Hunters all preform the same fatality on each monster.

Of course, do not let your creativity be limited by these rules. I have only made them up for my own idea’s.



The nearly dead monster tries to claw away has his legs have given out, only to find out he has been surrounded by Arc Mines. He then turns around to see Markov, charging up his Lighting Gun. After a second, he releases a massive bolt of lighting that blows the monster’s head up in one heck of a mess.


As the monster is trying to run away, Hyde appears in front of him and starts spraying the monster with fire. As it’s entire body is set ablaze, it screams and cries as it desperately tries to put of the fire by clawing on the ground and trying to roll around. A few seconds later, we see a charred monster body, while Hyde stand on top of him, grinning ear to ear.

A tired, worn out monster slowly walks to the monster, his head hanging low. He is done fighting. We then zoom in on Parnell, who’s eyes turn red with fury from one hell of a Super Soldier doze. He then starts blasting his shotgun on the monster, taking of heaps of flesh with each shot until nothing is left but a one big red mess and a heavy panting Parnell next to it.


As the monster is trying to get away, it finds itself being trapped by one harpoon trap after the other, each one dragging them down further to the ground. As the monster lies pinned to the ground, Maggie and Daisy appear in front of it. 'Sick ‘em!’ Maggie says as the final shot is Daisy going for the monster’s throat and ripping it to pieces.


This will take place near cliff-side of the map. As the monster is trying to leap over the cliff, he find’s himself harpoon’d mid-air by Griffin. As he falls down along the cliffside, the harpoon cable keeps him up like a noose, choking the monster till death.

As the worn-out monster tries to desperately crawl away, we see Val on a hill in the distance. Through her scope, we can see her shooting the monster straight through the brain, leaving a big hole in it’s head as it falls to the ground. We then see Val reaching for her earpiece ‘Target eliminated’.

We see the monster trying to crawl away, with Hank standing not far behind him. Hank pulls up his binoculars and let’s out a short laugh. He then turns around and takes a big drag from his cigar, while the monster behind is blown to bits by his orbital bombardment and chunks of meat fall around him.



Goliath grabs the monster in his hand and brings it up to his mouth, As the try to squirm out of his grasp, he breaths fire right in their faces. As they scream from the burning heat, he finishes them off with one quick bite that takes off their head.

The last wounded hunter tries to get away. The Goliath shows up on high ground behind the hunter. He let’s out a roar, before leap smashing towards the screaming hunter. We then see the Goliath underneath a pool of blood and guts, with his claws covered in blood.


Kraken holds the hunter tight with his tentacles in front of him. We then see a a strong electric current going through the tentacles towards the hunter. As he screams while the lighting runs through him, it eventually blows his head up in a gory mess, as the Kraken drops their lifeless body in front of him.

Wraith summons his decoy that goes towards the opposite end of the hunter. The both then take an arm and leg each, and slowly starts pulling the hunter apart. As he screams in pain, eventually the limbs are pulled off and his limbless body falls to the ground.

I’m quite tired now, so apologies if your favourite hunter/monster is missing. But please let me know what you would think would be an awesome fatality be for your (favourite) monster/hunter. You can even do one specifically vs your most hated monster/hunter! :smiley:


If your favorite hunter is missing, you might find them here!

I loved reading these!


Ah, looks like my memory is a bit wonky, as I already made a thread about this. Might be worth bringing the old one back up for some inspiration, rather than a new one.


No, I thought your old one was just for fun and this one was an actual suggestion, no?


Nah, as I said, it would be next to impossible for TRS to implant this into the game. It’s just for fun.


Ahh, ok. Well it’s up to you which topic you’d like to keep! :slightly_smiling:


This was brought before already. It was mostly considered as a bad idea. Personally, I don’t think it adds to the game. But then again I think that Mortal Kombat is silly and childish.


Yea, let’s just close this and not bring it up again


Closed per Alex’s request. For the record, I like the idea. :monster: