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I’m actually doing hella yard work right now but I just had this idea and had to come in to type it out real quick. I don’t know if this has been discussed yet but here goes.

So I was thinking how we could have like semi competitive matches (kind of like a Sunday League thing) and then I thought why not a league. However instead of teams of 5 what if you had one side of the league as all monster and one side as all hunter teams.

It would help if you considered them to be two different leagues. Monster players are technically competing against monster players in their league and vice versa without ever having to play other monster players and vice versa. So all the monster players want to do the best so they can be the “best” monster but they have to play the hunters from the other league (I don’t know like 3 points for a win or some shit). So instead of playing the teams/monsters in your half of the league like a normal sports league you would be playing teams from the other league but you would be earning points for your league.

Then at the end of it you would have the top team play the top monster (or top 3 or something) from each league can have like a final round or like 5 or something to see who is top dog all together. Tell me what you think!


I think me and some other people already talked about this xD not sure bcs this topic is pretty long and discussed a LOT of ideas for the competitive scene.

But how we ( the community ) are organising it atm is 5 man teams, just simple. :slight_smile:


There are a few of us working towards getting competitive and casual-competitive type games going within 30 days of launch. The best place to follow currently would be the other threads here as well as thedgl.org We’re currently in the discussion process on how we want things to go about for tournaments, scoring, pairing etc… I would like to host something similar to what they are doing with Insurgency but with Evolve and have a solid Monster or Hunter help teach and guide players on better gameplay etc. Sort of like video game workshops to help promote better gaming.


Impressive goal.

I suppose you wouldn’t mind me dropping by on that from time to time? This peaks my interest quite a bit.


Not at all. I’m a HUGE supporter of people like Day[9] that try and help build communities with their games and promote being a better gamer. A lot of things seasoned gamers take for granted are things that some people either don’t recognize or haven’t mastered. I also feel, that some of the older gamers had really harsh games that had them develop skills that took them into their later years. A lot of new gamers to the scene never had to work with brutally harsh games like back in the day and didn’t need to develop certain skillsets.

I’d be happy to help any and all who come my way to improve their game. In fact, feel free to add me on steam and if I’m not recording in the evenings I’m all for playing with the community. Eventually when I get enough of a following on Youtube/Twitch I’m going to be offering my services in this manner by hosting workshops where I’ll either invite, or have people sign up for certain games and whatnot. I think it’ll be a lot of fun.


I would love too see TSR asking for replays and throw out weekly/monthly TOP 10 best moments of Evolve.


Maybe a few months after release but not at the start, it is also possible that someone of the community makes that.


iT would help to spread out ofc, but some kind of best moment award gived by the official evolve staff has more credibility =)


Best moment = Nintendo 64 kid reaction when opening the game and getting Evolve!


Liking it.

In fact, I’ll add you when I get back home… I was looking into the possibility of getting a party for Day One. Unless you already have someone to play with :wink:.


Right now just my brother most likely, but we’ll see. My wife is currently going through the entire Kingdom Heats 1.5 and 2.5 remastered collections so we’ll see if she is up for playing in Feb. That being said, I’m still not 100% how I’m going to play game 1. Part of me wants to do a single round of Evac and unlock wraith within the hour and then stomp pubbies, but I haven’t set anything in stone. :slight_smile:


I’ve thought an interesting setup would be to have 5 or 6 members on a team. Maybe 4 Hunter specialists and 2 Monster specialists or 6 well rounded members who could switch off at any moment. Teams play best of 3 and can switch up members to keep strategies fresh. Obviously plenty of room for improvement or tweaks but that’s how I would like to play.


Nah not more then 5 people because otherwise you can’t prepare for the other team and that kinda sucks. Only when someone gets sick/ not able to play you can call in someone else.


What if you enter a tournament and a team member becomes ill? That’s why I would cap it at 6 max.


What if the whole team gets sick? Then you need 10. But you also need a coach. So 11. But then you need a back up coach, and a couple of groupies, so now we need a football team :smiley: And I’m totally playing with you, this wasn’t a sleight against you or anything!


In that case it could work out but then it should not be allowed to let the 6th member play unless something like that happens.


Competitive Evolve
Xbox only


Yeah, I should have been more specific. The 6th is on the roster and practices but can only compete if someone is unable to up to xxx min prior to a match.


Yea…no :slight_smile:


If microsoft wants it, they will get it haha