Evolve Stream? :)



Hello trs & 2k :slight_smile: Am not sure did i hit righ place but i hope you read this :stuck_out_tongue:

My name is Dragan AKA Dark Angel in Left 4 Dead 2 community. I fucking love that game and still hoping for part 3 ^^ (like everyone else ) how much i love l4d2 show that my wife left me haha (well she was a bitch anyway ^^)
So lets get on the thing i am here:
Am a streamer that own twitch.tv/playl4d2 also twitch.tv/PlayEvolve but evolve account was never used. I havent stream last 8 month because i move back to my shity country Serbia and before that i was enjoying 1bg internet like a boss in Romania!
This is what i was making with shit of pc ,inc shit mic and having bearly 50fps in game
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVYGPEfP2jY everything there was maded by me. That inc: PhotoShop,Private chat bot etc. I was planing to stream Evolve but my PC didnt agree with it :’( (impossible to play with 20 fps or less)

So in 1 sentence “Gaming is my life and i cant aford it!!!” Am in front of pc last 19 years :slight_smile: (am 26 now)
Atm am playing “Evolve” at 1280x720 on medium with 60hz monitor and my eyes are killing me because of it :’( Cant express my self enough how does it feel since most of players here run game smooth.

Guy’s is there any chance to get sponsored with a pc to play evolve and stream it every day? :slight_smile: When i was streaming l4d2 it was 10h per day! every day! :smiley: And when you do something you love it’s not hard :slight_smile: Even so i learned “If you work something that you love there is no day off, also there is no working day either”

Am sorry if i made some mistake in text so please forgive me in advance its not my first language. (i learned english on internet and all other stuff over the years).

Am hoping i will get answer in any case. (Positive or negative)
Ty a lot for making games i love!
p.s. Stage 2 rocks!!! Keep it up!!!


TRS wouldn’t be able to help you with sponsorship I don’t believe, but you could try to contact 2K. Good luck!


Thx budd. Any info where to do it? (link) p.s. ty for super awsome fast replay :slight_smile:


Found it, i send it, wish me luck ^^


How much do i need to pay to 2k to stream this in 2mb upload quality?[pixels everywhere]
It is like anti-commercial for 2k and turtlerock


but ppl for some reason still watch it.



i know the feeling bruh :)i was using Nvenc and 3.5mb upload before and still get pixels :stuck_out_tongue: cpu is way better but Nvenc no performance impact at freaking all! And still people watch it ^^
In my case because of EZ l4d2 skill :stuck_out_tongue: