Evolve stream if you are bored


Hey folks, our team managed to scrape a sponsorship with no scope glasses, pretty much the easiest sponsorship to get if you have a good team so nothing major but we like to celebrate the little things. we Love this game so much that we are going to stream and hopefully work towards getting on board with ESL and community games.

so if you are bored please come and hate us here - www.twitch.tv/strictlykilling

playing myself at the moment until our assault becomes available later on.

thanks to anyone willing to take there time out to watch me/us we really appreciate it.


I regret to inform you that ESL is no more.
That being said, there are plenty more tournaments incoming.


What happen to the ESL???


its been discontinued. The Season ended. There are more tournaments coming :slight_smile:


Forever? Or till next season, the way it’s worded makes it sound as if it was discounted


discontinued until further notice.


Any reason why? I’m curious because with all the new content in sure it’d be fun to watch again


not sure…
but you can go to www.youtube.com/c/seedsy for previous stuff :slight_smile:


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