Evolve statues perhaps even new monsters (Sample Gorgon 3d file is available)

Update - I will try and post all updates in this first post so that you don’t have to search for them. But you can still browse this forum post. The updates will be grouped by monster.

I have decided to work on the monsters through the digital aspect of sculpting. I have done a couple in traditional but I want to practice digital and 3d printing more. I love evolve so I decided I should make the monsters. I also want to work on new monsters after this one. Thinking about the ones that TRS wanted to make through their last broadcast. Maybe some of the community can help out making the concepts for those monsters. I will brainstorm as well

Worked on Glacial a bit. Will work on it later today. The other monsters were just started today. The forms are roughed out. All of them are below. I will update this post.


Wraith (rough form)

Gorgon (rough form)

Gorgon Sample Print (Available soon)

Gorgon Sample 3d print is available link here https://www.myminifactory.com/object/evolve-gorgon-26408
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Kraken (rough form)

Goliath (rough form and can be used for meteor later)




Meteor Goliath


Slim Progress


If this works out I NEED to find someone with a 3D Printer right fucking away!!!


I am thinking about releasing the printable models in the form of a bust sculpt (head and shoulders) on myminifactory. I have a 3d printer. Not too sure about releasing the whole file. It is hard work. I can provide the full figures.

I have been able to print my own digital pieces. The end of the video has the 3d printed model that I manually split apart. Here is an example:


Although I stopped watching GhostRobo, you should totally send it to him :wink:


I know what you mean. I would say keep any zbrush and .obj files to yourself, but only provide .stl files once you’re done for anyone that wants to get them printed.

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Possibly, but stl files still can be accessed in digital software. I would probably release the files in a lower resolution. I am sure that is why turtle rock released stl files of some of the characters in a lower resolution instead of high resolution. The mentioned stl files were removed a while ago. One can still find some of the characters on myminifactory.

I tried to. He did not reply. He does not have a current PO Box.


Danggit! :confused: You could send him a Gmail message

I did that and twitter. I thought that he would be interested.


He’s a collectible person and he totally would if he knew, just big YouTubers don’t go over those types of things :confused:

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If he respond back to me then he can get one.

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Keyword right there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: One day…he will appreciate your sculpting awesomeness


Goliath progress video. Worked on it a bit yesterday. I will post the progress of the other ones today and tomorrow.


Thats super cool! I bet details on the head are gonna be difficult though.


Thanks and no worries about the details. I got this. Great to hear from you and I hope that everything is alright. I miss your videos and everyone. Here is a sneak peak of the gorgon progress with a claw view.


Yeah I miss you tube but also haven’t had time for it as I am studying games art at the moment which is also why I find this really epic. We use Mud Box instead of Zbrush but I am super new to it and would love to recreate Goliath when I get good enough! xD


That is great to hear. I am happy that you are doing something that makes you happy because your last video caused a bit of worry. I would like to create some new Evolve characters like Kahli, the monster form of Kala, and maybe some other monsters after I finish and 3d print the current ones.

I have tried mudbox. It has been a while since I have used it. I find zbrush very powerful though compared to what I remember of Mudbox. I am not saying that Mudbox is bad because it is still good. I just prefer zbrush. Zbrush feels a lot like traditional sculpting.

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Zbrush is far superior to Mudbox, learned that after switching to Zbrush from using Mudbox with Maya for close to 5 years now.

Mudbox really limits you in a number of ways, like you can’t open Mudbox and just start sculpting; you need to have a base mesh already modeled with quads only and finished UVs unless you’re using PTEX.

In Zbrush you can open it and just start sculpting and worry about making a base mesh and UVs later in the process once the high-rez mesh is complete. That’s why it’s especially great for concept/exploration of character art. I mean you could take one models bust and another’s body and basically sew them together if needed.


Presumably its a cheaper alternative for my college to teach us with mudbox then which is a shame. Not sure how you go about texturing and unwrapping in Zbrush when you don’t have the base mesh though.

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Mudbox does have a subscription setup for use which is cheaper. Zbrush does offer a student version of Zbrush which is the complete software for personal use and then you can always upgrade to commercial use. You can make your own base mesh with different ways but I like either zspheres or dynamesh. Then once you have your base mesh you can increase the resolution of the mesh and can switch between different resolutions to make changes to the form or pose. It is so powerful and reminds me so much of traditional sculpting.

I made the one gorgon claw and now I can quickly insert copies of the claw to save me a lot of time by making it into a insert mesh. Same with what I do with spikes or anything else repetitive.

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