Evolve Stage 2: Workshop Support



Will we finally be able to make the skins that we wanted? Since skins are now all (well mostly) unshockable wouldn’t it make sense to support Modding in the future once we get the game all ready and stuff, when there’s time for it.

There have been systems that people have suggested on which method the game could use, like the user geared method where people rate up and popular ones get picked, contest form, dev approved, or even an open market (sounds crazy :P). For them to test it out.

What do you guys think about Community Modding, what would you like to see or people do?

Them Skins and Taunts will totally be the top of my wishlist. :smiley:

Thank you for reading, HAPPY HUNTING!

offtopic: What’s with the Colonist tag and why is my name weird, also can I customize it?


I’d be down. Maybe someone can bring back 'Murica Kraken


You have too omg!

Murica Kraken, Sky Maiden Wraith, Bacon Goliath and twerking taunts will be so bae!


From the Gameinformer Article.

So there’s definitely still hope for modding support. :blush: