Evolve Stage 2: Taurus Goliath + Neptune Kraken: Will they be obtainable?


I already have those two skins, but when I think about the fact that they have been rewarded monthes ago before the F2P update, I now wonder if they will be obtainable once again in the F2P update or not.

PS: I have them both in the legacy and Stage 2 versions, that’s what I mean.


I think it would be kinda cool to have some skins only obtainable in the Legacy build, after all, as the game gets bigger how else are you gonna show off your Monster’s age other than badges? Now, I think SOME should be re-released because lets face it, there were a lot of them in Legacy, and I’m sure nobody wants the Devs spending more time coming up with skins when they could be making new content, plus I;m sure everybody wants a shot at some of those badass skins.


The only skins I can see being limited to Legacy Evolve are:

  • TRS Gold Skins
  • Taurus
  • Neptune


Didn’t they say they would be releasing gold skins except for Goliath’s?


Kraken, Wraith, Bobby, and Gorgon’s are founder’s bonuses.


as a goliath main, I am disappointed.


Did you miss the challenge weekend for that?

I know the feeling, the one challenge weekend I missed was Kala’s gold skin, the only one I actually want. e_e


I could see the Taurus and Neptune skins being founder’s bonuses.


I wanted the Neptune skin so badly. it was rewarded for competing in competitive, no?


Pretty sure they were for winning. I participated in a few of the early ones for Taurus. Never got it :frowning:


Taurus was for semi finals I guess.


I remember those funny thing about how I got the two skins:
For the Taurus one, there was one people AFK and because he was AFK, the competition didn’t happened and as a consolation, everybody got the Taurus skin. It disapointed me because it’s like getting the skin without even lifting a finger.

For the Neptune one, I just got it on the first tournament. The skin helped me one time in the legacy version of Evolve, I was evolving in the cave of the Broken Hills mine and because I was evolving, it gave the hunters my position. What did I do? I stood in a dark corner of the cave I evolved in, and I did not moved a hair. The hunters were already there and I was standing still near them…like 5/7 meters away. The Neptune skin was dark enough to camouflage me, so well that even Griffin was sliding on my face without even noticing me. Then they leave the room, except E.M.E.T that walked back to see if there was nothing suspect, and then rejoined the group.
It was in my opinion, the most hilarious memory I got from Evolve so far.


Once I used Bog on Kraken to hide in a bush. The hunters stood right next to me for five minutes before I snuck away.

“Skins are purely cosmetic”


they are, most hunters are just as blind as bats.