Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes 2.00 Discussion Thread

definitley going to play most of the weekend, its good to be back


I am so HYPED. this was a lot more than I expected. I now feel confused, like I will be playing a new game with familiar faces :smiley: my only worry is that theres now only 4-5 maps? instead of the like 15+ before? hopefully these arec oming soon? any info wold be great.

sad to see the other modes removed but at least (as far as I could see) they will still be available to us who’ve played.

Finally you guys listened and did full hunter reskins!!! hopefully I get a good amount of silver keys to unlock them, Ive already drained hundreds in buying all the bundles, passes, skins and the original preorder of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

also cool its been made f2p. I hope that, plus marketing, free ways to unlock content (and there is A lot to unlock) plus new progression and gameplay bring this game to where it deserves to be/


me looking at this update:

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Hmm… Little question’s here : I haven’t seen the “teleporting Gorgon onto Mimic’s last position” bug fixe…

Is it because it was already fixed ?

The issue of sometimes gorgon gets trapped in mimic and can’t move, she holds her head rocking back-and-forth

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Founders will get more free shit as we go along. Just hold on to your butt, since we’re in for a treat if I go off the hints the devs gave us

So when can you download Evolve free?

Checked out the steam page, nothin there.

Noonish Est.

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Thanks ole mighty mountain.

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It’s good to see the forums bursting at the seams with new topics again <3


It’s kinda hard to keep up though at times :joy:

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That is exactly what you are asking for though…

You bought it and played it. Now that it’s free you are saying you’re entitled to it having always been free.

Seeing all this new stuff and knowing theres hope for this game, I’m just here like. image

@Rapterror :smiley:

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Im not asking for the GAME to be given to me and its not “free” its behind a timewall

When and where’s the stream I thought it was at 12 but Evolve isn’t live on twitch

when it reaches zero, that’s when shit goes down

So I have a question. I’ve had evolve for my ps4 since day1. If I got an Xbox copy when it goes free on console, will the founder status transfer through my2k? Or will I only have it on ps4.

Also if it doesn’t transfer and I went and bought an Xbox copy today would I get founder status?

You wouldn’t transfer all your data I don’t think hit you’d still get founder status