Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes 2.00 Discussion Thread

Did the AI get stupider in Stage 2?

Fought a game last night, the human Trapper immediately dropped out, so I had to swap out between Support and Trapper. Because if I did not control the AI, whenever we would get into a dome fight, the AI would be like 200 meters away from the dome fight. And we lost of course.

I’d like to make a request to see a permanent radius ring around my hunter. Because it gets really hard to judge what 30 meter radius effects are in the middle of a fight. Like a permanent neon ring around my Hunter along the ground. Or maybe like a counter like in Overwatch’s Lucio to let you know how many people you are affecting with your skill.


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I’d also like to give kudos to the Devs for clearing up effects.
Now I can actually see if my Hyde flamethrower is hitting the monster, instead of relying on the hit marker red circle.
Sure it looks less cool, but I’ll take accuracy over coolness any day.



I want to say that I am very happy that Evolve was made free 2 play, and it needed something to bring in some players. Turtle Rock has done an amazing job with this game from the start, and what I’m going to say is pretty nitpicky.

Many of the changes made in Stage 2 give the game a more “arcade” feel, similar to Unreal Tournament or some Moba games. The announcer, ui prompts, and some changes to art and effects all have reduced how immersive and unique Evolve is.

Left 4 Dead (especially the first one) and Evolve both had a very cinematic and immersive feel. This is common in single player games, but rare for an online shooter, and is one of biggest strengths of both games I think. L4d really feels like you are in a zombie movie, and is genuinely scary the first time you play it. Evolve made you feel like you were on Shear hunting and being hunted, but feels much more like Rocket League or Unreal Tournament now.

I know these changes were made knowingly and on purpose to increase the approachability of the game. Perhaps just having the option to turn the announcer or some other things off, or perhaps there can be more of a balance between accessible gameplay and immersive feel.


I’ve encountered it too.

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@Chloe Wait…Why does the voice sound like it has a accent to it?

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so, is there an easier way to earn the silver keys used to purchase upgrades? my little flag rank is WELL above my account rank and im not getting points very fast. just want to get to 20 to play ranked really.

Great changes overall, some minor things that I think could potentially make things a bit better in the Menu screens.

-Muting players, could we get an option to mute all players at once?
-Store, newcomers would probably like to have an outline of character abilities before they purchase characters, right now its just name, image and price. People who are coming back and newcomers probably want to know what type of abilities they’re buying when they purchase a character.


Medic’s need a nerf. Seriously, who came up with the “passive healing” idea.
It makes it almost impossible to win as monster! And also, the whole “satallite” and less time thing, well, all that did was make me “fleetill3” even more then before so that I can have a CHANCE against the hunters now.

I haven’t had an issue focusing down hunters through the passive healing yet. Technically with your armor regeneration you are doing the same thing. :slight_smile:


Ya, but now, when I down a hunter I end up at half health because the other hunters have already managed to destroy my armour and while I’m trying to keep them away from the downed hunter, he gets back up because he wasn’t being damaged.
And if I try to put him back down, the support just shields everyone and then I die.

Wait, I just realised, the passive healing and hunter healing buffs stack, don’t they.

What perks are you running?

Damage reduction, eating speed, traversal regen, climbingspeed, movement speed (in total because of my choices, and the damage reduction is maxed out so armour regens fast, and I take less damage)

And you’re still dying? Ok, I’m not a pro by any means, but my guess is that you’re not disengaging when you should.

I always go for medic first, unless it’s Laz. Get a strike and move to support. When the medic is up, tag them again. Disengage as soon as the dome drops or your armor is about to run out.

Run, feed, repeat.

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That’s what I’ve been doing. I try to leave and I either get slowed, harpooned, or tagged (in which case they find me even faster) and lately, when I try to stick to walls as gorgon, the game won’t let me 70% of the time for some reason…

And consider dropping your damage reduction and trying out some cooldown reduction, if you’re having trouble getting through healing then having your abilities faster may be more useful than being alive longer!


I agree with Nia. Take ability cool down or traversal Regen. If you can record some video that might help too.

yeah we love to help point out where you might have some opportunities to improve :slight_smile:

I’ve tried that, but while it helps, It only seems to delay the inevitable.
(Literally just killed a stage one wraith without anyone on my team going down)
(But I did destroy a relay as gorgon earlier today, glad those are easy to destroy now.

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Thanks, I appreciate all the help I can get :slight_smile:

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