Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes 2.00 Discussion Thread

So when can you download Evolve free?

Checked out the steam page, nothin there.

Noonish Est.

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Thanks ole mighty mountain.

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It’s good to see the forums bursting at the seams with new topics again <3


It’s kinda hard to keep up though at times :joy:

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That is exactly what you are asking for though…

You bought it and played it. Now that it’s free you are saying you’re entitled to it having always been free.

Seeing all this new stuff and knowing theres hope for this game, I’m just here like. image

@Rapterror :smiley:

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Im not asking for the GAME to be given to me and its not “free” its behind a timewall

When and where’s the stream I thought it was at 12 but Evolve isn’t live on twitch

when it reaches zero, that’s when shit goes down

So I have a question. I’ve had evolve for my ps4 since day1. If I got an Xbox copy when it goes free on console, will the founder status transfer through my2k? Or will I only have it on ps4.

Also if it doesn’t transfer and I went and bought an Xbox copy today would I get founder status?

You wouldn’t transfer all your data I don’t think hit you’d still get founder status

You’d need to buy an X1 copy to get founder status on the X1. Information other than your My2k doesn’t transfer between platforms.

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(Missed this so late reply)

Cosmetic skins and badges mean absolutely nothing to me. Even if they did i dont even think they give you all the skins already in the game lol

The overall impression I get with all of this is that the game will be much more streamlined now, and not in a good way. Gone is the unpredictability of the game. Wildlife now spawns in set locations and elite wildlife after set times, so rather than actually hunting for wildlife, the monster can simply go to a fixed location. It seems that monsters will be able to figure out an optimal hunting path and repeat that on every match, which is pretty boring. Even the weather is now predictable!

Gone also is the monster’s stealth. No longer will the monster be able to outsmart the hunters by hiding in a bush and watch the hunters walk past him, as the flora has been redesigned so as to not obstruct vision, and trappers now have a skill on a 30 second CD that shows the direction of the monster, as well as the changes with Daisy that now follows the monster perfectly through the most efficient possible path. Is there even any point in the monster stealth crouching now?

It seems the monster can’t use height to this advantage as before, because cliffs have been reduced in size.

To me it sounds like the game has been considerably dumbed down, and the possibilities for one side outsmarting the other have been mostly removed. It is now closer to a generic FPS where you just point and shoot at the target rather than actually having to think and pay attention to your surroundings. Not good!

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Patch is live!

Time for an hour long download.

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Actually the game is more unpredictable, feeding routes are gone. Albino creatures are now more easily contested.

Stealth is alive and well and height advantage can still be used.

This version of Evolve is better in almost every way. I love the feel of Stage 2.

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My biggest concern was that daisy would be devalued in favor of trappers like crow and Abe…not with that speeeed boooost