Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes 2.00 Discussion Thread


Discuss the Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes here! Let us know what you think of the changes so far! If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out in this thread linked below.


Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes 2.00 (PC Only)
About Goliath new in-air controls
Stage 2 anniversary?


I’ve played Stage 2 Evolve, it is fantastic. PLEASE give it a chance before you think it might not work. I’ll be streaming in just a tiny bit to showcase the game and answer questions!


#TRS is love, TRS is life. :heart:


Same here!

I had the opportunity to play Evolve: Stage 2 Beta with the Devs, and the new pacing of the game alone impressed me. And that’s just the icing on a very big cupcake :wink:

I won’t be able to stream today, but I will be tomorrow! I’ll be lurking here and in various chats throughout the day while I’m at work and later when trying to finish up my video edit.


The next monster is going to be named Lurker. Sounds like the stealthiness Wraith lost is going to manifest in the new monster?

edit: oh, they (accidentally?) named Gorgon Lurker in one of their articles.


Interesting to see that everything is being moved to Hunt and only Hunt. I think this is a good move for now to streamline the experience, and I hope if everything works out that we’ll see some of those game modes refined and brought back in when there is the stability to house them.


OMFG. Is there an EMET one too?



All sounds amazing in fact it’s like this is Evolve 2 lol but I’m still butt hurt us console peasants won’t get this for awhile.


So I’m going to be that guy, and say that I fucking called that the update was going to be called Evolve: Stage 2


wait so console update don’t release today?


How big is this beta/patch going to be once/if/when us console players get it?


You not read the angry messages on the other threads? Only PC get it console players were lied too.


I don’t understand people are telling me console gets it and others are telling me console dosent I’m so confused



so console doesn’t get tu9 till atleast 2 weeks later


It depends on how long Stage Two is in Beta. There hasn’t been a schedule determined yet.


Console won’t get it till beta is over simply due to the fact that PC doesn’t have to go through a certification phase.


well if I know my certification testing (minecraft) a month


Expect a month or two from today,that’s why there was a big uproar on the other thread,console players (their biggest player base have been trap doored and lied too for months) let’s just enjoy the stream later I’m sick of being angry.