Evolve: Stage 2 - Purchasing CD Keys for Founder Status


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We’ve been seeing an increased number of folks who have bought a copy of retail Evolve, but do not get attributed Founder Status. We believe that this is due to those keys being purchased from key resellers. Unfortunately, there is nothing that TRS can do regarding this, and we recommend that all users with Founder Status issues go to 2K Customer Service (“CS”) to get their problem resolved.

If you are interested in buying a PC copy of Evolve to get Founder Status, you should check with established retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

In any case, if you purchase an Evolve key and have not received Founder Status, we need you to go to 2K CS as we (Turtle Rock Studios) are not able to fix the problem.

Contacting 2K CS

Please note that you’ll need to supply 2K Support with your Steam ID, information for how to obtain this can be found here:

To file a my2k Support Ticket go here:

Getting Founder Status on PC

And lastly, to get Founder Status on PC, the key will need to be for a PC copy. For more information on Founder Status & Consoles, please see:

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