Evolve stage 2 (PC) looking for competitive team players! 150+ hours on steam would be nice (or if u have played legacy)

are you sick of getting stuck with noobs in public matches? want to play competitive?
join our group.
leave ur steam/skype name below
or add me on skype:chr.mos@Hotmail.com
or add me on steam: beelzebub (message me saying u added me for evolve)
or add my game channel on discord(talk app)
link to discord: discord.gg/FNQs6

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I’m typically available if a team wants to play a monster

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im looking for hunters, you got skype or teamspeak?

I only play monster. I’m saying that when/if you get a team I could play your team if you want a better than pub monster

okee thx will do

Sure I guess.
Got about 400 hours according to steam and 125 hours according to the in-game profile.
I mainly play monster and trapper.
-monster: Kraken(rest in trash tier :frowning: ), glacial behemoth

  • trapper: Crow, E griffin
  • assault: Torvald, Blitz markov
  • medic: EMET, Qcaira
  • support: Bucket
    Let me know if you’re interrested. Tho i dont have that much free time nowadays

hi there
monster: elder and wraith
trapper: Jack
assault: Parnell
medic: Slim and Paladin Parnell ( a little)
support: Cabot , Hank si Tech Srg. Hank
i can learn
steam name : Just a random cool name
I live in Romania and i know english.
i dont own legacy but i know how to play, and i got just 120 h in-game profile.

yes add me on steam:beelzebub


You should hit up @Dynamitedazzz. :slight_smile:

Find me on Steam for Legacy Evolve play. [Epex] aetonix
Serious people only. I’m starting group that only members who have Legacy Evolve for PC installed can join. Will make it easier to setup games and premades. Instead of having people who wanna play and but they don’t have it installed.

@ScornfulEpex I’ll add you when I get it. Ordered legacy should have it between the 1st and 5th of dec. Don’t ask my steam account I’m going to make a new one instead of playing on my wife’s account got around 1600 hours on legacy(Xbox1) and 200 on stage 2(because I don’t like it).

That’s a pretty big Rez

@TheMountainThatRoars @ToiletWraith @Bot @Sentry_Gun

Yeah didn’t realize it’s been that long but should stay open because his still looking for people.

HUGE :joy:

I mean why reopen an old thread when you can make a new one? Idk it’s up to the ultimately if they close it or not. I’m just tagging so that they can see it right away.

Feel free to create a new topic. :bucket_salute:

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