Evolve Stage 2: Party disconnects



Me and my friends sometimes experience disconnects from party while searching, anything ranging from 1 person to the entire party which then throws some people in a game with newly added people.
One of my person of the group sometimes gets disconnects in game, even when creating custom games.

Are there any solutions or similar problems floating around?


I believe they’re aware and looking into a fix for this.


Thanks for the reply, I would really like to tell some of the more frustrated to give it another go once this is fixed.

The guy that got dc’s the whole time said he out until further notice.


This happened a lot last night when I was playing with my BF. I just guessed it was because it was trying to join a group that already had four players in so kicked one person out.


I had a similar hunch.

Could it maybe due to the population of the regions?

I noticed with steam it groups via download region, wondered if having EU as a single zone would help finding more “suitable” groups, currently we all grouped to Germany - Berlin.

This is all speculation from my part of course.


QA work again from tomorrow and if all goes well and they find the cause then there could be a fix next week some time :slight_smile:


Please fix this issue, makes the game unplayable with friends.


They are aware of this issue and the situation of it is more or less described in recent patch notes:
"[2nd TIME IS A CHARM] The Stage 2 Tune Up Week 1 - Update 2.01 - WE ARE PUSHING THIS LIVE NOW"

this section spesificly:
The Lobby Full Matchmaking issue
We are actively working towards a hotfix that we’re hoping to get out later this week to solve the lobby full issue many players are running into. We’ll keep everyone in the loop once we have more information.