Evolve Stage 2 Official Livestream :monster: - 09/29 12PM PST


Evolve Official Livestream

The Official Evolve livestream takes place on Thursdays at 12pm - 1pm PT! Featuring a variety of content week on week including: gameplay (including matches with ESL level teams), announcements, news, community content, developer interviews and more…

This week...

**Gold Keys, Slim Changes, & New Adaptation Announce! ** Gold Keys & News w/** @Chloe & @Insane_521 // Gold Keys // GameChanger Event! :open_mouth: // Badge Giveaways **Slim Changes & New Adaptation Annnounce w/ ** @Insane_521 & @KaiserTim // Slim Changes w/ VFX, abilites, etc. // New Adaptation Announce! :D **What IF video w/ 4 Slims!** // H/T @MrStrategio

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See you then!!

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12PM PT is currently:

3AM (Friday) SGT
5AM (Friday) AET
7AM (Friday) NZT

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Adaption announcements? Colour me interested…if only the livestreams weren’t at such late hours of the night :frowning:

It’s Behemoth, calling it. Behemoth and/or MAYBE Cabot.

Its already confirmed to be Bob and cabot

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Hm? Where?

On the Trello board: https://trello.com/c/bnHoti39

Behemoth and Cabot

That’s not what I was referring to though?

@10shredder00 monster content

Sounds like my kind of stream.


Wait, when does it start?

12PM Pacific Standard Time


Mah old badge! I miss it, but only slightly because now I’ve got a kickin’ rad clockwork Meaty on an 80s electro backdrop… so… yeah…

On Thursday

Oh yeah, shit I’m an idiot, thank you good sir

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An hour and four minutes ago in two days.

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Thank you, I was wondering why the time kept saying 8pm for me, can’t believe I forget that they were always thursdays…

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I haven’t been able to keep up on the forums as much lately.

Is this Livestream something console players will want to tune in for for any announcements maybe?

Well kind of yeah, it’ll show what will be coming, like the adaptions for example

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They’ve basically made an announcement on consoles… and that is that right now the next step in Stage 2’s journey to being release on console is showing that it can earn it’s keep with the new monetisation system they’re running out. There’s not going to be an awful lot more news for consoles, but at least we know now that proving that the game can earn itself an income is the last step before greenlighting consoles.


What ifs, Bob Adaptation AND new VFX? MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!