Evolve Stage 2 Official Livestream :monster: - 08/25 12PM PST


Evolve Official Livestream

The Official Evolve livestream takes place on Thursdays at 12pm - 1pm PT! Featuring a variety of content week on week including: gameplay (including matches with ESL level teams), announcements, news, community content, developer interviews and more…

This week...

**Deepest Dark w/ Red &** @Insane_521 * // Design, Art, & Tips **News w/ @Chloe &** @Insane_521 // Badge Giveaways, Shear Madness news, & more! **Dev Team Deepest Dark Match** // (@Chloe, @Shaners, @LadieAuPair, @happybirthdaymary)

art by: @LadieAuPair

Featured Badge Giveaway:

Every stream we will be giving away cosmetic content throughout! Don’t miss your chance!


See you then!!

Check out highlights of past streams here!

12PM PT is currently:

3AM (Friday) SGT
5AM (Friday) AET
7AM (Friday) NZT

If your timezone isn’t here, try using this website to find out when the stream begins for you:

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Evolve Machinima - "The Cupcake Chronicles" :cupcake:
Badge System and Color Picking System

Heavy breathing


Is the Map seriously called Deepest Dark? Danggit, your should’ve called it DD and not D :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, Thank you for the heads up :slight_smile:



This suggests that the livestream will be more segmented, and that each week we will see a rotation of segments, of course with some being more popular and reoccurring than others.

If this is the case, awesome. I can’t wait til storytime segment rolls around.

My only problem is the time. I know TRS has thrown up a poll for this before, but I know for a fact that I will tune in less if the stream starts at 12PM PST on Thurs. Maybe if it was Saturday or Sunday, or if it started at 3PM PST.

But I know this is just my schedule, and other people have their time off earlier in the day. I will continue to sometimes watch past broadcasts.

P.S. I like the graphic.


Suggestion: It would be nice if the devs. can stream with popular streamers.
IE: wdyftw (Wednesday13), Ryke676, Ghostrobo and so on…


Patch will be out tomorrow, if I’m not mistaken.

We won’t have to wait long for the new map.


Oh cool. A showmatch! With Chloe! I hope i am timely here.


I heard that @Insane_521 isn’t playing the show match because it is too spoopy for him.


Please no,i do not wanna see unknown annoying people to ruin dev stream :^)
They are streamers u can watch them all the time if u wish on theyr channel.


Yeah… The one time they had prodigy… I did not watch it and i am not the only one.


I used to like his music when I was younger.


Oh, finally i’m not the only one who thinks Ghostrobo is annoying af.

I haven’t seen the other streamers, but when I was desparate for Evolve gameplay and they gave Ghostrobo a press release copy… I just wanted to backhand him every time I watched him, and I did watch him until they released Evolve finally.

0/10 would not bang.


However, if bringing a streamer on to the livestream results in a host that brings thousands more people to take a look in to what TRS are doing, I feel people should put their “I dislike personality X” stuff aside and understand that marketing trumps a lot of other stuff :wink:


I didn’t say they shouldn’t, just specifically that I hate Ghostrobo.

They’ve had him on there before, and my solution was just personally not to watch.

You’ll never find me telling someone not to watch something TRS does, though you will find me at least warning them about the dangers of Ghostrobo being there.



Yeah except that is not the case at all .

I mean if you gonna invite Pewdiepie or Athene then ok… but these people with 10 dedicate viewers that bot follows are of no interest to anyone. It will only result of me and others who would actually watch dev-stream and share it with friends on steam to do not watch or reccomend.


@SledgePainter If a grown man that looks like Maklemore can take it, neither can I :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t understand sentence.



Shush up :confused: