Evolve Stage 2 odd overlay



Tried playing Evolve Stage 2 for the first time and have found that I permanently have some kind of odd overlay on my screen the entire time (main menu, options screen, game play, everywhere) see below screen shot. On the right is a box with “Audio Boost” as the tile and some other text. On the left is a box with a circle in it. anyone know what these are and how I get rid of them?


Um. That won’t even matter. Servers are shutting down today so…=/

Kinda sorry to break it to you mate.


You’re doing the tutorial I’m guessing?

I’ve never seen this happen, you will have to contact 2K Support. But like @TinyPickles318 said there isn’t much point since the servers are shutting down today.


I had the same thing. That’s Sonic Radar 3 overlay. Funny thing is you’ll get that even if you don’t have it, because somehow Sonic Studio 3 added by its own.


Well that sucks, this looks like an awesome game. Is the only way to play this game is through the servers or can you also setup a lan game to play with friends?


Were you able to ever get rid of it?


Heh, was just gonna tag Terepin but I see he’s already on it.


Yes. You have to install Sonic Radar 3 and disable the overlay there.


You can buy Legacy from g2a for like a buck or two


Then opt into the legacy beta for step 2


The only Evolve game I can find on g2a is Stage 2, is there something I’m over looking?



The founders edition is Legacy… Basically when Stage 2 was released the original game counted as having the “Founders edition”, which gave you access to all the content from the start.

Buy it, activate it and opt into the legacy beta.


Is the info in the below link what you mean by opt into the legacy beta?


Thanks. Found the installation of Sonic Radar and turned off the overlays


Happy to help.


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Just about


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