Evolve Stage 2 : New trapper ability



it might be just me who thinks this, but the new trapper ability makes it way to easy to find the monsters, either the cool down needs to be alot longer or just needs to be changed, as the way it is now makes the base trapper abilities feel useless. whats the point in using daisy to find the monster if you already know its direction, and yes i know it only gives you a direction for the monster but because of the shape and size of the maps its very easy to find them, also just to add this on meteor golia, elder kraken and wraith seem very strong iv had a few games where they just fight you at the start and win (not sure if anyone else shares my opinion but its out there for discussion)


The ability doesn’t even last long, only give you a general direction and the monster is informed of when he’s being scanned so he could change up his game.

Before Stage 2 (in my experience anyway) Maggie was picked a lot because she could give a general direction where the monster is from the get go and every other trapper was somewhat inconsistent on finding the Monster such as Abe who had no way of finding the monster unless the Monster made some mistakes or Griffin where his spikes would never set off against a really competent Monster.

This doesn’t make the tracking tools useless because the tracking tools display more accurate information on where the exact location of the monster is and used to cover areas while the class ability is on cooldown.

A lot of Monster players are currently new to the game so they just need to learn how to counter it.