Evolve Stage 2 match time is too short


I’ve been playing evolve since day 1 and I’ve never run out of time on a hunt game as the monster. Now it seems to have been significantly shortened and I’m finding it impossible to properly evade the hunters and get to stage 3 before the timer runs out. It seems to be either engage the hunters at stage 2 and have more risk of dying or try to get to stage 3 and run out of time and lose anyway. Now I can see why they would shorten the time to encourage more stage 2 encounters but I think matches should be a bit longer. Maybe the time doesn’t need to be as long as it previously was, but it could definitely be a few minutes longer.


15 Minutes to 10 minutes I believe. But I assume it’s to make Monsters fight at stage two and not FT3

EDIT: What I mean is many people complain about FT3 so TRS tried to push it and only good Monster players can reach stage 3 imo


Part of it may be that I usually play on the ps4 and just wanted to try the stage 2 beta (meaning I’m not as good with the controls and everything) but I’m generally a good monster player, winning most the games I play (on ps4 anyway). It just feels like they halved the time of matches. Which if I’m correct the matches could be up to 20 minutes. I think like 12 or 13 would be long enough to keep allow monsters the possibility of reaching stage 3 but also rushing them to consider fighting at stage 2. And I’m also not one of those who waits for stage 3 all the time. I win at stage 2 all the time.


20 minutes down to 12 now. I kinda have to agree the shorter timer can be a bit pressuring for new players- I honestly feel like down to 15 minutes could have been a nicer time set.


Where did I hear 15 to 10 ???



I mean, yeah, the new system forces you to engage the hunters in combat in stage 1 and 2, which IMO is the way the game always should have been. It makes you lose if you try to FT3, which was the intended effect of the change.[quote=“Eternal791, post:1, topic:90166”]
engage the hunters at stage 2 and have more risk of dying

Risk of dying is part of the game. You have to take risks to make progress.


You can easily get stage 3 in 5-7 mins or so. The wildlife spawns in the same place every time


No your not supposed to lose if you try to reach stage 3. What’s the point of stage 3 if you can’t get to it? Sure make it a little more pressuring to fight at stage 2… I actually like the idea. But it doesn’t need to be this pressuring. Once I unlock a monster that I’m actually good at (not goliath) I won’t be as annoyed because I know I will actually stand a chance at stage 2. However when I know I don’t stand a chance that early my tactic tends to be evade the hunters till stage 3 and fight them when I know my chances are best. And I’m sure there’re plenty of others who agree with me on this. Also I am not one of the those who whine about the game being to hard all the time. This is the first time I’ve complained about difficulty since the game first came out, cause I always thought the difficulty was perfect.


FT3 was a really major problem in Stage 1 Evolve, as many monster players simply refused to fight the hunters for any reason until stage 3. This obviously made these matches excruciatingly boring for both sides, not to mention that it was toxic and a far too efficient method of pubstomping. The new 5 minute dome and 12 minute match are designed to counteract this. The system does not punish you for evolving to stage 3; it only punishes you if all you do is try to get to stage 3. If a monster doesn’t want to fight the hunters or do anything but mitigate in a dome for 5 minutes, then s/he should lose. The goal of the developers was to make stage 1 and 2 fights happen much more often, and they succeeded.


It shouldn’t take long for players to adjust to the shorter match times. Evolve Stage 2 has a different pace to the game.

Once players start to unlock perks more and more, the power curves of all characters go up and the game becomes even more fun!


The shorter timer is a move IMHO for the following:

  1. To avoid monsters players trolling by sneaking about until act 3.

  2. Keep matches short so the turn around is quicker and people aren’t waiting too long for games.

  3. Ensure hunters get some action quickly and don’t get bored.

I see why they did this, but all of this flies in the face of not only many hunters and their abilities, but the monsters also.

They are trying to fit square pegs in round holes, and forcing it will cause a sh1tstorm of balance issues.

You have an OP Wraith because it now doesn’t have the time to sneak about and confidently get to level 2.

They are trying to go down the CSGO or Moba route, but trying on the foundation of a game not built for that at all.

It’s a shame.


Look, if you don’t like the game don’t play it. But every reply I have seen you post is about how bad of a state Evolve is in. We grew thousands of played in the past 3 days and it’s hasn’t gone down yet. That means TRS had a second chance and they used it properly


Personally, I’m excited for all the changes despite not liking a few. I mostly just want the rounds to be a minute or two longer, since I don’t really see a problem with sneaking around till stage 3. Its a good and reasonable tactic. I don’t think the rounds should be lengthened so much as to not encourage stage 2 encounters but just enough to give the players a slightly higher chance of getting to stage 3 if they properly evade; considering they did make it a little harder to evade them (which I like cause the game was getting a little too easy for a while).


The game is free. Anything that goes free gets a boom. let’s give the game a month and see.

I’m not the only one not thrilled with the changes. I liked the core game and I miss it. Both as a hunter and a monster player.

To my knowledge one post I’ve done was about Hacks in the game. I commented here. Another was about something else entirely.

You however seem to be everywhere. All the time. It’s a bit… creepy tbh.


That’s my intention :stuck_out_tongue:

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