Evolve Stage 2 is not starting

Just read the title and if you have a solution please post it

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I’m afraid we’re gonna need a bit more information. Does it give an error message? Can your PC handle it?

Oh, and TRS is no longer responsible for the game. You’re better off at the 2K forums, though people here might be able to do some basic troubleshooting


Obligatory link


No errors and my pc has far better specs than the required

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Have you tried all the suggested steps yet from this post here? TRS Forum - Self-Help Tech Support

Yes i have, and also i saw an older post about that issue and tried everything that was suggested, still nothing. I uninstalled and will reinstall the game now

So what exactly are the symptoms? Not starting/… Does it get to any load screens? Is it a never ending black screen? ect,

No loading screen, only a steam pop-up that says playing and then it goes away

In that case, try this Steam article here about your problem: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6218-USFX-5568


Try double clicking the game’s name in your library instead of hitting the “play” button.