Evolve Stage 2 - incredibly important suggestion, newbie-related


I see that you’ve put info about the character you’re playing as on the loading screen, but since Evolve is a team game, I highly suggest you also put information about the teammates. Not necessarily as detailed as if you were playing them, but helpful nevetheless.

Some examples:

It looks like you’ve got Sunny on your team! Her purple beam grants jetpack boost, indicated by a purple outline on the jetpack gauge. If you’re boosted, you can reposition yourself or dodge (W/S/A/D + 2x Space) away more easily!

Your medic is Lazarus. Thanks to his high-tech glove, he can revive incapacipated hunters without giving them a strike, so avoid handing out unnecessary strikes by reviving them yourself!

Maggie is a trapper who relies on Daisy to track the monster. If you don’t know where to go, following Daisy is a good start!

Your main source of firepower this time is Blitz Markov! He benefits greatly from any kind of movement impairment on the monster, so provide some if you can!


Great suggestion, that would be really helpful! :thumbsup:


Yes that would very helpful


Plz add this TRS

It would be very useful and helpful

I will tag awesome developers so they can see it

@Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl @LadieAuPair


I think the easiest way would be to display all 4 characters and their description on the loading screen instead of just the one you are playing.
Maybe even the Monster, but fitting 4 panels on the screen is easier than 5…


Great idea it would pay off


I think it would be possibly an information overload. The short hints are there so you can take simple advice instead of analysing each character.


I think relying on the loading screen alone to supply such crucial information is bad, we need a way to check characters abilities way before we get into the lobby.

That way newbies will be able to learn about new characters, their skills and how to use them.

Specially when the loading screen barely lasts a minute for some of us.


Agreed, I had a friend who is new to the game was really annoyed because he wanted to buy a character and had no idea what any of them.


I agree. How about a short description, like “boosts your jetpack and shields you with her drone” shown in the character selection screen above your teammates’ characters’ images?


Considering that this is one of those games where you need to know every character like the back of your hand–even if you have no intention of playing them–this would be very useful.