Evolve Stage 2 in the ESL again :) [First Tournament this SUNDAY!]



I’m the Community Manager for Evolve :slight_smile:

We have reactivated our Evolve section with the start of Evolve Stage 2 and would like to see more action again in the ESL.

All information can be found here: http://play.eslgaming.com/evolve/pc/news/266329

Cheers and if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask them here :slight_smile:


ESL tournies are apparently starting again?
ESL Evolve Stage 2!

Be sure to check this out everyone :slight_smile:

I’ll be watching!



How would that work in this game?

Like…format wise I guess?

4 people on one team swap out being the monster? Then the other team gets a turn? Is it BO3?


How it used to work was each team would consist of 5 players. One Monster player and 4 hunters. The monster/hunters would play simultaneously usually in a bo3 against another ESL team. The result of a tie would be decided in a coin flip with one side picking monster/hunter and the other picking the map.


Can ppl from south east asia join this tournamement? 0.0


Previously it was teams of 5. 4 dedicated hunters, 1 dedicated monster. Your hunters vs their monster. Best out of X amount of rounds. Few other rules (map picks, etc)- But thats the general.

Originally there were no limits on what teams could pick what- So it got SUPER stagnant. “Oh look… its hyde/hank/caira/griff vs… ooo a kraken!” next round “Oh look its!.. Hyde! and Hank! Annnd. Caira! Oh theyre being CRAZY! They took CROW! vs… Oooo another kraken!”.

Hopefully theyve learned from this. Quickshot rules were far more entertaining to watch due to the forced diversity- So im hoping for something like that. Ill be checking out the rules soon.


Ill be watching too :stuck_out_tongue:


Ill be sulking becuase I can’t play…