Evolve stage 2... Hell Yes! (with a few reservations)


Just my small “Hell Yeah! The new Evolve is awesome!” Thread coupled with a few things i’d like to see change as this beta progresses.

I love the new system! :smiley: The balance feels very much on point and the pace has been improved on oh so many levels :slight_smile: I feel viable with all the monsters and impactful with all hunters :slight_smile: Also the maps are gorgeous! Though I do miss some of the more dark feel… But all things considered - GREAT JOB TRS! :smiley:

With that said… There are some things here that needs a fast and steady hand… pronto.

The character switch bugs and the server problems needs to be adressed. They are currently my number one reason to feel fatique in this game…

Secondly i feel that the removal of defense and the allocation of arena to custom games makes the game more repetitive than it needs to be… I love hunt! But I do like mixing it up with defend and arena. I can see why the change was made but i’d like some information as to whether this is a permanent change or a soft launch state. Anyone know about this?

Last thing… Has the medic selfheal been nerfed across the board? I feel as I heal myself way less than I used to… This is not so much a problem as a personal wondering :stuck_out_tongue:


The game is balanced around multiple engagements for the monster, arena doesn’t work like that. Because there is no 1 dome only type games, arena would be really awkwardly balanced.


Each medic is different. Emet is 150 but recharges fast. Laz is 500.


Thx for the clarification :slight_smile:


My pleasure :slight_smile:


I’m aware that the act of balance is a hard one and that this choice makes sense - with the new system i guess arena has become somewhat redundant :stuck_out_tongue: But i do miss me some defend :frowning: Hope it can make it into the game at a later time (excluded from ranked if that is what it takes= :slight_smile:


I’m sure we’ll be seeing something with those down the road :smiley:


I hope so! :smiley: Thx for the replies - and keep those great videos comming :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll try!


Personally I think the major point was to make it easier for Monsters to get Strikes. That’s why now each Strike is only 10% Health instead of 25%.

They wanted more trade-offs in fights and if all medics Healed too well then only Hank would be picked on Support. This new change allows for Support variation because Strikes will be almost unavoidable so you might as well get more DPS choosing Cabot, Kala, Bucket, ect.


I have a feeling they pulled some of that stuff back so they can focus on squashing any new bugs one at a time instead of all at once. I bet we will see those come back fairly soon, either in their original form or a new variation.


Sounds like sound logic to me :stuck_out_tongue: And that prospect makes me hype all over again :grin: