Evolve:Stage 2 - graphics fan art


Made some graphics using Inkscape, and these are the 3 pieces of art that came out of it.
Feedback is appreciated!
Took images based off the official website.



You can’t post photos until you’re a “Member”, homie. You’re currently a “Basic”. Sorry. :frowning:

It’s great that Evolve is finally getting fanart again! I’m glad to have you in the community!


Yeah, just found out as soon as I posted.
What does it to take to become a “Member” if you don’t mind me asking?


Just have your profile for like, 24 hours or something like that. No real big requirements.


Ah, alright. Thank you.


I set you to member status. Post more art! :slight_smile:


Oh, wow. That was quick lol. Thank you. :slight_smile:


That was so nice of you, they should call you, “The COOLonist That Roars”! :wink:



I thought you just had to stay active for 30 minutes :confused: