Evolve Stage 2 feedback after the initial weekend


So, I will try to keep this as short as possible… :smiley:

I’ve been playing Evolve since short after launch - played almost 1000h now. I have always loved the team synergy, all the unique characters & abilities, the lore, the dialogues, the beautiful look of the game, watching competitive evolve, etc etc…
But I also know all the things that made life on Shear hard for hunters and monsters alike.

Things that are great

Evolve 2.0 did so many changes that make Hunt matches more fast-paced and more fun for both sides. The hunters now can afford to make small mistakes without instantly losing the game. For a monster it’s actually better to fight in domes now and they absolutely can fight at stage 1! But they can’t get wrecked in a single dome anymore.
You don’t lose the monster for several minutes and run around the map without a clue where it might be. You don’t play a stand-off between monster and trapper, both running around an obstacle in circles. You aren’t screwed by one loopy stage 1 dome. If somebody is Sky-Wraithing, well, they lose 5 minutes.
Movement around the map for monsters and hunters is so much better. The new jetpack is dope! All the trees and plants that I would jump into with Goliath or get stuck as a hunter are gone. Unfair places for hunters and monsters are gone.
The RNG was removed from the game: No more random carrion birds on feeding, no more random food spawn.
The hidden knowledge is being removed: Knowing the Damage Buff spawn location and perfect feeding routes isn’t giving you a huge advantage anymore. You don’t have to know that shooting the monster on the chase gives it stamina.
No more relay cheese from 200m away.
No more cloaks that were either 100% effective or 0% effective.
The damage numbers… Such a small change but I love it so much. I finally know whether I still hit the monster with my laser cutter or not. And everyone can see for himself which weapon is the most effective in certain scenarios.
Bucket is very, very, very viable now! Love him!

So all in all although I was sceptic when I heard some of the changes, now I love every single one of them! Excellent job!

Things that still need to be improved

Of course there are a few things that aren’t perfect yet.


  • The maps now feel a little empty. Probably because all the bushes and trees have been removed. Maybe a little more nature sounds, wildlife and accessories here and there would be good.
    Replacing even more run-of-the-mine rocks with iconic vehicles or structures wouldn’t hurt as well. As well as replacing giant rocks with more iconic structures. But you are on a really good track!
  • I really don’t know where to fight on the Weather Control relay. There is nowhere to hide as a hunter. I feel it could use some rock to run around.
  • The weather effects are barely noticeable. Before 2.0 heavy weather was too strong, you couldn’t see anything. But you nerfed it too far, especially since it’s not heavy weeather for the entire match.

Stacking abilities (Gorgon, ElderKraken)

  • You can’t fix Gorgon and ElderKraken by just editing XML files. The problem is that they can stack multiple abilities together. Every monster that relies on comboing abilities to get a down will always have a very high win rate at high skill and very low winrate at low skill.
    As I said so many times, the monster’s way to get a hunter down should NOT be to combo all of its abilities at the same time or in a short period while tumbling the hunter around. The monster should get a down, if it is constantly landing abilities until the hunter team can’t keep up with healing, shielding and CC anymore.
    That’s why Goliath will always be the most balanced monster. He cannot chain abilities together without the hunter having a chance of getting out of there. But he has 4 abilities that do decent damage. If he constantly hits most of them, he will get a down.
    Make other monster’s more like Goliath, please. Kraken has been made more like Goliath and it’s so much better now. They are the most fun to play against. Wraith is okay, too.
    Tumbling is BS.

Health for downed players

  • Downed players don’t seem to have more health than in Evolve 1.x. I thought you were gonna increase that number.


Tech Hank

  • It’s not very visible what the max. shield charge is. I know it’s half the health bar but it’s not visual.


  • That’s a little personal: I need his orbital to blow me 30m away again. That was my 5th jetpack boost that assured I could take the capacity perk to keep my teammates up while don’t dieing myself. :smiley:
    Right now, Tech Hanks Orbital is just way better. Hank’s Orbital has no advantage.


  • Caira’s problem is that her healing can be denied by the monster. If the monster focuses her, she has to constantly look at her feet so it’s much harder to dodge the monster because you aren’t seeing it. If you are fighting against Gorgon that constantly tumbles you you won’t get many nades off.
    On the other hand, if you manage to hit all your nades and blindly evade the monster, her healing is fine… Caira is too swingy…


  • They are still great for CC but their tracking abilities aren’t as important anymore. Just have everybody circle in on the monster’s last location. Somebody will get a dome.
    Plus, hitting 4 doesn’t require much skill either. I don’t know how to fix that at the moment.

Jack / Griffin

  • Jack is almost useless against Kraken
  • Griffin is almost useless against Gorgon. Gorgon doesn’t even care if it is harpooned or not
  • -> Make then more reliable against some of the monsters

Deployable count

Improved text chat

  • Just copy Overwatch’s text chat. It’s perfect.

Domes might be too much of an advantage for the hunters

  • Not many hunter teams are doing it right now but the hunter team can just play in domes like in relay fights. They don’t need to deal damage to the monster. They can just sit somewhere defensively and wait for the monster to try and make something happen. The armor channeling abilities is a slight counter to it. We will see if hunters will start to just set up defenses in domes.

All the things you already announced to address

  • Bugged partying: It’s very hard to party up and find a match because somebody is kicked all the time. “Lobby is full” or other errors are constantly happening.
  • UI indication that an elite wildlife spawns
  • Commands to team mates
  • Slim needs a rework. Spore Cloud and Healing bug are almost useless
  • UI changes to make some things clearer in the menus


As a console user its nice to read over this kind of thing, thanks.

Removing the foliage though? That sounds dumb as hell, the bushes and trees gave the maps atmosphere, like an actual alien jungle, I’m afraid to see how terrible it looks without all of that…


This makes me sad I try to play with others but usually there is one or two people who will get kicked usually me. I’ll get either lobby full or connection failed.

Also the orbital =/ I used to use it at tops of pillars when I was low on jetpack fuel to deal some damage and go flying now I deal 200-600 damage with it and get bumped off the pillar and Hanks damage makes me sad. Supports used to be the secondary damage dealer now Griffin deals more damage than hank.


The maps look great still, I can only give my perspective on it but foliage was a distraction that got in the way too much before. The experience is clearer and cleaner now when in a fight and that is the thing that is most important right now IMO.


I fully agree. Gameplay first. Still, they feel a little empty now and maybe there’s a way to counter that without messing up gameplay. :slight_smile:


I have problems with Maggie. Her traps feel like a total waste of time now. At release you could have 5 traps at the same time. Now you can have 3. Thats fine. BUT why the hell is the animation for switching to it or the reload so damn long? It takes the double amount of time.
Next stop is lazarus? At first i thought it was a bug. It must be…But no, its not. Lazarus cant prevent any longer hp strikes? Thats just wrong. Its against nature itself!


He can only prevent strikes if he manages to ressurect players before they die- a lot of the vets agreed that ressing dead players promoted a toxic playstyle and people didnt like facing him. The change made his playstyle a little friendlier, but increased his skillcap somewhat. I feel Laz is a situational/greedy pick today.


Nope. Even if they are just grounded. They will get a strike if you use your device


Get a video of this if you can, because I’ve not seen this during my Laz play and it’d be a bug.


Ok. I watched some videos. It is a bug. Sometimes it works and sometimes you get a strike. At least for me.


Not once in my hours of legacy Evolve did a bush get in the way of the action. :\