Evolve stage 2 direction and problems


To get started I just wanna say that I love Evolve. I have put 300+ hours into this game since beta and I also preordered it. I really want this game to succeed but I do not understand the decisions the developers are making.

So, lets start by Shear Madness. In the last 1.5 weeks the player base went down from 8000-10000 to 4000-5000 players in-game at the same time. Every time I get into a lobby where the map is cataclysm everybody wants to skip. Overpowered is fun but still favors the hunters. Deepest Dark is a joke. U made a whole new “mode-map” just for coop and most people play it once and they dont have the need to play it again. The whole this was really rushed and it feels incomplete. Yes, i know its a beta map but still u could have waited and focused more on some really big problems. I mean this is a multiplayer mainly game. If you wanted us to play against bots on special maps with lore and themes you should have made a singleplayer game. We have only 4 normal maps in this game while Legacy evolve had about 16.

New character variants are cool but too complex and can only really work if you play with a coordinated team. People dont seem to understand that R. Abe is weak in domes and that C.Caira needs the best positioning to work. In normal games with randoms there characters dont get to shine. U keep giving us bigger level caps. I have all characters, perks and most of the skins + 70000 keys. I dont even have a feeling of progression especially when nobody can see my profile lvl.

The extra xp weekend was very unfair for everybody who had to play and grind to get something done (elite skins), now you only need 15 or so games and you are elite with a character. It gets even worse. People play 10 games on a hunter…lets say lazarus and get elite status. They go into ranked thinking they are now pros and go against an elite goliath who got elite cuz he played 50+ games before this event. Ofc. the laz gets instakilled.

And now comes ranked. I grinded 2 weeks to get to silver destroyer on monster and 2 days later u delete the rankings. After 2 months of searching I finally find a good team of hunters and we wanna find out how good are we and you delete ranked. The main problem were the hackers so you erased the leaderboards. Now we have no ranked whatsoever. Why not focus on better security against hackers instead of punishing all of us who played normally. Now we cant get a rank but the hackers can still destroy our fun on arcade mode. Why leave ranked, now hunt beta when we cant get a sense of progression or achievement? Give us ranked seasons and reset ranks every month. Some ranked rewards would be nice too. If you see that somebody is cheating in the leaderboards just delete him at the end of the month and problem solved.

Just listen to all the old legacy players and streamers. Every streamer I watched had complaints about the new patches and matchmaking in particular.

Once again, I really love this game but I fear if this keeps up Evolve will soon this the bottom with 200 active players. AGAIN.


I dont claim to have a lot of knowledge in this matter,but didnt evolve die because they only listened to comp players and streamers in the first place?


The main complaint against legacy evolve was lack of content. Not enough modes, not enough characters, not enough whatever.

So they were trying to address that in the cheapest and quickest way possible, through variations.

Its not a perfect solution, but they were testing to see what works and what people respond positively to. I’ve noticed that the devs are reaponding pretty quickly to player complaints (within a patch or two).

I would caution you to be patient and not focus too much of ranked while the game is in beta. The devs are listening and trying to give the people what they want but they can’t please everyone.


What is a bigger and more important thing. Fixing matchmaking so that we get paired with players that are similar to us and not get into a lobby of 3 people. Or listening to somebody who played 30 hours of Evolve, got bored and wants new variations and will get bored of them too in a matter of days and request even more?


They just implemented a brand new matchmaking system with the last patch. It takes time to sort players into their proper tier though.


Same thing happened with the Deepest Dark patch which kinda broke high lvl matchmaking and brought some really annoying bugs. Rapid fast canyon striders anyone? Also what tiers are we talking about?
I thought only hunt beta is matchmaking by comparing player skill levels?


Deepest Dark is a way that Evolve is trying to implement some sort of campaign. That was a HUGE complaint from many people about Legacy. Besides that, TRS has been catering to the multiplayer heart of Evolve by taking out the broken matchmaking and are working on a more long-term fix. Hunt Beta is a temporary solution, not the answer.


You have plenty of good points there.


I dont understand how deepest dark can compare to the old evacuation campaign. In evacuation there were consequences for losing or winning a game which would affect the next round (monster hunter strength, different obstacles and so on. This is just a coop map variation that is the same every round and people lose interest in. Why else did we fail to complete the weekend challenge?


I’m not saying Deepest Dark is the final answer to the campaign, nor that it was fun (liked it for about two rounds, then was bored). Deepest Dark is the first step in a new direction for more of a story driven campaign rather than a faux campaign that’s more of a hodge podge of multiplayer matches with no narrative.


But was Deepest Dark really necessary at this point? Every week they give us brand new content (mostly unfinished - as is the case with DD ) while the older stuff still needs completing. In the meantime the game loses players daily.


I would agree with you and say that the Deepest Dark didn’t feel complete and I would have rather had a polished product released to me in that regard. However I have really enjoyed the new content they’ve released every week, and I’ve enjoyed almost all of Shear Madness. I don’t really see any “older stuff” that needs completing. Care to elaborate?


Every game of cataclysm (and those are really rare) somebody complains about fps drops. Overpowered was at the time of release 80% in favor of the hunters and not to mention the wildlife bugs. This patch a lot of people are getting disconnected while searching for a game. Your chances to get into a DD game are about 20%… New hunters are great if you have a team of people who know what they are doing. In normals that is often not the case. Not once did I win a game with randoms when the medic was quantum caira. And again we have the matchmaking problem.


Hunt Beta has resolved the problem with people not wanting to play on Cataclysm and Overpowered, and bugs are being fixed as soon as possible after they’re reported. Pubs will always have problems with coordination but I don’t know how we can avoid that besides having people play and learn the new hunters nuances by experience. Can’t really think of anyway TRS can solve that problem. Matchmaking is being worked on, don’t know what to say about that.


It all feels way too rushed. And we are still losing players.