Evolve Stage 2 CTD On startup

Maybe your computer isn’t up to date if it’s a Windows. Is your computer up to date?
You have a friend, does he have the game? If yes, is it working for him? Try to ask him if you could have a copy of his game’s documents. If it doesn’t work…then I don’t know what to do to help you.

Yeah my computers up to date, i can definitely try to get those documents from him. He gave me one of his documents because that was the only thing different between our games and tried running it from there, im finding out what document that was rn

I ended up putting in a support ticket with 2k. However they could be slow so i’d like to still resolve this issue. So i’ll still be commenting on this thread. If the issue gets fixed I will post on this thread how it was fixed.

I don’t think 2K-iller Games would do anything to help the community. They have bots who automatically mail the players, and be sure that their mails are pre-made texts.

This is what you should have done anyway, but 2K Games doesn’t care at all for the game.

The timing of the crash suggests this is a possibility:

Rip because I really like evolve as well.

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I don’t have any of those programs installed. In fact the only thing i have installed on my SSD is windows 10 and everything else is on my hard drive and the hard drive is brand new. And the first thing I did with it was install evolve to see if it would work

I also don’t have a sound card

I believe that will make Evolve crash. At least, it used to, and I can’t remember if we ever fixed it. Unless you never had a sound card, and it used to work? (If so then we must have fixed it, lol.)

The only thing different with the “Rig” i have now is the change in graphics card. I went from the geforce 750 to the 1050ti and it worked before, it was also when stage 2 was basically first released I haven’t played it in a hot minute.

I do as well, 2K Games gave me a sour taste in the mouth when they said that they ended Evolve’s development. They also pretend that the game is “complete”, I would say that the game is uncomplete, is still in Beta and still has bugs and unbalances to fix. 2K shut down the game’s development because…money. Money goes over everything at 2K, just like tons of big companies. But money doesn’t make hapyness.
I just want to know when it will go into bankruptcy, so I can laugh at their nose for all the DLC bullshit they did…or would I say, “DLC shitstorm” like @MacMan would say.

I hope it gets fixed because I miss playing this game. I also miss playing the game FireFall but rip that game :confused: but thats a different note. I hope 2K fixes my problem crossing my figures but we’ll see

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I don’t have a sound card and evolve stage 2 works fine for me.

There was once a time when it used to crash, I swear. :laughing: Sorry for misinformation. I only have memory to go on, and it feels like a long time ago now.


I have a 1050ti in my laptop, and I can run Stage 2 fine, so that shouldn’t be the issue.