Evolve Stage 2 crashing my PC/Graphics Drivers

so with steam client running on windows 7 compabilty and disabling automatic restart again…i played 3 games withount crash changed and graphics most to the max…msi afterburner its not a problem because i allready installed unistalled it and tried this things…i will give it some more spins and let you know

For the reference, i didnt have any issues on Windows 10.

Fx 6350
Mushkin 16 gb ram

Might be Windows related issue for you, might be MBO, might be million of things. Weird question i know, but is your Windows genuine?

Hehe allways the genuine question!
I download the new evolve update as we speak…so lets see if it fixes anything if its not allready fixed

Update 2.03

i don’t see any random crash bug fix hehe but lets be positive :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry you are not alone in this one i got the same problem play a match fine and then pc just crashed and restart all from the start
all other games have no problems at all

yep the random thing is that bothers me too…i will give it a spin with the new update maybe it will not crash again like before maybe it will maybe it will not today maybe tomorrow…i still like this game though…and i want it to be fixed

haha now it cant login to servers…

when did this start for you ??? mine problems started yesterday

It is probably Firewall at their end, or some other domain issue. Just wait for a bit, these can be fixed easily if DHCP isnt fucked beyond repair.

yeah i know they will fix that…its just when you patch a game you expect to work better :stuck_out_tongue:

Server Issues - Build 2.03 - We are working on a fix for the server outage

They are allready on it!

Tim Sweeney thinks Microsoft will make Steam “progressively worse” with Windows 10 patches

could this be the problem or random crashes?

Classical tinfoil hat logic. Everywhone, lets get on that bandwagon and sceam " MS is evil!!1!1!". While MS have some infuriating practices, they are not devil incarnate.

Valve is not a saint also with their budiness practices.

Dwell a bit deeper into PC tech or sys administration, and you will see broader picture. Every online magazine lives from clickbait titles.

Its just an opinion…and actually it has a logic…i didnt say everybody else is saint…but when you are a company that gives for one year the os for free…its normal…business wise…that you want to make some money out of it in the end…and allready they force everybody to update to win 10 in not a user friendly way…so it could happen…i dont say it happens…but maybe it could happen…or is allready happening!
I wait by they way for servers problem to get fixed so i can check again if i game is playble now after disabling automatic restart and running steam client on win 7 compability

yeap still crashing…

For the past several weeks, I’ve encountered complete system freezes forcing a hard reboot, game hangs where my computer is fine (I can toggle back to desktop and clsoe the game manually) but the game and whatever was on screen freezes, the odd crash with a popup graphics error message (such as CryEngine failure), etc.

With the exception of a black screen on a match load-in whereby the members of my party load in but I’m stuck with a black screen and the “Evolve” name in the bottom right corner of the screen, every single crash occurs completely at random, after playing anywhere from 1-5+ matches with no problems, slowdowns, or other issues.

I thought I had fixed the issue yesterday, as prior to changing the options from running the game in fullscreen to fullscreen(windowed), the game would consistently crash in some form after 1-3 matches.

However, after playing with no problems, in a party of 4, my game, once again, completely froze my computer, forced a hard reboot, and then upon relaunch crashed with the Evolve screen mentioned above upon map load-in. My pals and I are competitive players, and not being able to consistently stay in a match is not desirable.

I have updated my version of Windows 7 to the latest, uninstalled and re-installed Nvidia drivers to the latest, tried multiple graphics settings adjustments (I don’t overclock, use anti-aliasing, or other unnecessary graphics settings), and the issue keeps coming back. Please, please help, as I want to be a reliable support team member my pals can rely on to stay for an entire match. Thank you.

My specs are:
Windows 7 64-bit
16gb ram
i7 3770
Geforce 650ti 2gb (latest drivers)
Non-SSD hard drive

Sorry for the double-post but I didn’t see an option to edit a previous post. Just FYI: I also verified the integrity of the game files through Steam and had zero errors.

I tried to use nvidia game optimizer but it doesnt seem to work for Evolve on my pc.

So i dont think anyone can use it with this game maybe?

Sorry for the necro was just wondering if it used to work or what ever.

GTX 1070.

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If you’re not using it, it’s for the best.

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It used to work. We changed a lot of stuff for Stage 2. Nvidia hasn’t revisited the optimizer.