Evolve Stage 2 crashing my PC/Graphics Drivers

So new patch…but I still crash like a bitch :P…I played three matches…all seemed ok…then logged out! Opened the game again…being optimistic so I maxed also the anialising (all other settings where maxed out already )…and boom …after loading match intro…boom system crashed and restarted ! Ihad same issues wit Titanfall and Dying light! My visual studio files are up to date…and I freshed installed my gtx 960 drivers (latest version)…am I missing something? or should I repair windows :stuck_out_tongue:

Could your card be overheating? Fans clogged with dust? Are you overclocking?

Nope all stock settings !Card doesn’t overheat at all (msi gtx 960 4g/16gb ddr3 ram/i7@3.40 )…and I made fresh install of drivers using ddu. all crashes happened on the intro of every loading game…making it unplayble…at least for me.reinstalled steam app,validated files of the game…still the same!i noticed after crash it changes the graphics settings on the game.the fun part is it crashed after I changed just the anialising settings…before that I played 3 games in a row…with the new patch…I cant give logical explanation to that :stuck_out_tongue:

I am having this same problem. I was playing stage 2 yesterday no problems, today it is over locking my GPu to 101 c. I have Nvidia 760, Intel i7, I have my video settings on low to minimum. I was playing on medium before no problem. I’m waiting for you answer to the other person, I’d love to jump back into game.

Hello !
Same things!
Was playing b4 patch for past 4 days - all was fine!
TOday my AMD driver crashing after Evolve…
AMD Radeon 7800 HD

So devs doesnt care i guess… fun times

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There have been a lot of bugs, you just need to be patient.

First, head over to www.systemrequirementslab.com and users their diagnostic tool to make sure you meet the minimum specs.

Then I need you to try the fixes in this post and the one following

still crashing…cant even play game…and by crashing i mean full system restart

Are you running any third party software like Nvidia optimization software?

tried to play by installing driver only but get crashes too (allways clean installed)…i also have deactivated most of start up programms with autoruns so nothing gets in conflict…unless its steam client who causes the problem…because i experience some time crashes in Dying Light but not like Evolve…evolve crashes every time after the “intro video of game”…i run now client in wndows 7 compabilty…but still have crashes on evolve…i cant really explain what it is because i allways use stock settings on everything i never overclock and temperature and power wise all are ok.Also on the dxdiag i get a direct show errow…but i dont think thats the problem…cause i run games like Gta V or BF 4 on ultra settings and i dont crash at all!
i really like the game…but i cant play it :frowning:

For those experiencing crashes with Nvidia cards, did any of you use Nvidia Geforce Experience to optimize the game prior to launch?

If so, could you try to disable/uninstall that feature to see if that resolves the issue?

i used it after i crashed 10 times to see if it actually optimize it…but nope…i clean installed drivers again after that…all the same crashes are still there

Did it crash from the start or were you able to play the game beforehand for a while and then suddenly the crashes started to happen?

Also, since you say full system restart when it crashes, is it possible to state what message you get with your blue screen?

no message at all…just bam…crash…all happens after hunters are on the ground after the intro of every game…and the same on the beast…menus work fine :stuck_out_tongue: sometimes it used to allow me to play two games in the row and then crash now it crashes everytime…no blue screen…pc restarts withount any notification

Try maybe to disable the automatic reboot on error. you may be getting a BSOD however it disappears to quick to notice it.

Right Click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Under Startup and Recovery click Settings -> untick the box for automatic restart

Run also a memory diagnostics tool on your computer, just to be sure: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows7/diagnosing-memory-problems-on-your-computer

Allready done!

Still didn’t get the BSOD?

Did you by any chance overclock? Have you tried monitoring your computer’s temperature while playing?

Yes still…i dont overclock generally…all stock settings just afterburner running for the fans! i monitored both cpu and gpu all were good and temeperature wise and power wise! i will try it again now…i just stopped opening game…cause i dont want to damage my hard drive :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean MSI afterburner? Can you try to disable or uninstall this software to see if it gives a change?