Evolve Stage 2 crashing after preparing to launch (Unresolved, all fixes attempted)

I tried opening the game and it showed preparing to launch evolve stage 2. The game shows up in task manager etc, however after i couple of seconds it closes. It doesn’t generate any logs or error code. I tried running the directx installer and Microsoft c++ installer in the evolve folder and verified game cache, and updated windows updates, nvidia drivers etc. i tried a lot of methods and they all didn’t work. I was actually able to run the game with the exact same setup but just with a different computer. same os but its 2 computers not sure why it doesn’t work now. Any help is appreciated!

Please check this post and the one below it.

Also, you verified the game cache integrity, yes?

i already tried everything in the post and the “Patch DirectX and VcRedistr from within the game’s folders” part. I verified game cache integrity yes. It was also a fresh install of evolve stage 2. Doing the “clear user data” also did not work unfortunately. Thanks for the quick reply!

Damn. The best we can do now is wait for a dev response. I’ll mark this so they know you’ve attempted the self fixes. Sorry, mate.

yea ok. It was just really interesting to me because I have successfully ran evolve stage 2 with basically the same setup. Same cpu, same gpu, same ssd, same OS. the only difference is the motherboard and its two different copies of the same OS. Not sure what is causing this issue though

Can you share the specs for both rigs, mobo included?

Sure thing, here are the specs:
Intel i7 4790K
MSI Gaming GTX980
Asrock Z97 Pro3 (in the system that doesn’t work)
MSI Z97 Gaming 9AC
Plextor M6S 256GB SSD
Windows 7 Home Premium

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Huh, well logic would make me assume it’s the mobo…but why? It shouldn’t have any effect unless there’s a background app that came with the Rock that is causing the issue.

lel yea thats why i couldn’t figure out why its not working. It might be some background software issue with the OS though since even though its the same OS, the details of installed applications is a bit different as I don’t usually use this computer.

There’s no weird firewall or “gaming” app that came with the asrock, is there?

nope, and i have firewall disabled and I don’t personally have any anti virus installed right now. It is super super weird why it doesn’t work imo LOL. Might be my internet’s problem? As I am currently in a different location than where I tried before

Uhhh maybe?..I’m flummoxed.

couldn’t agree more, hope someone can figure it out lel

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umm i have no idea what I did. I think its my internet connection when evolve first tries to connect to the server? I tried opening the game with my VPN on and it opened and now it opens with or without my VPN on. No idea if thats the reason why it got fixed but the game works fine now I think