Evolve: Stage 2 - Community FAQ

Hi everyone,

Since Chris (@macman) and Phil (@SlabOMeat) posted their community letter outlining Evolve: Stage 2, we’ve created a thread to compile the most frequently asked questions in a single location to reference back to. We’ll keep this updated as we keep seeing common questions from all over our community!

I. Console Questions
II. Founders Questions
III. Gameplay Questions
IV. Progression Questions
V. Silver Keys and Content Questions
VI. Other Questions


#Gameplay FAQ

###Q: Has there been any significant gameplay changes to Evolve: Stage 2?
A: Yes! You can see the complete list of gameplay changes here!

###Q: Can I still play with bots by myself?
A: Absolutely! You’ll be able to play solo in our Training Hunt mode, as well as Custom games within Training.

###Q: Can I play in offline mode (no network required)?
A: You can still boot up original Evolve if you want to (you’ll need to have owned Evolve on Steam to access Legacy Evolve). We’ll have instructions on how to do so soon!


#Progression FAQ

###Q: With this update, how will our past progression be affected?
A: Progression in Evolve: Stage 2 is completely different, so everyone will be starting over at level one for their account and each character.

###Q: How do we unlock Hunters and Monsters after the update?
A: Hunters and Monsters can be unlocked with Silver Keys, the in-game currency you can earn by playing Evolve. Markov and Goliath can be unlocked by playing their respective tutorials, so you’ll want to make sure to complete those!


#Silver Keys and Content FAQ

###Q: What can I unlock with Silver Keys?
A: Silver Keys can be used in the Store and character select to unlock Hunters, Monsters, weapon skins, Hunter skins, Monster skins, and Perks.

###Q: Can I purchase Silver Keys with real money?
A: Silver Keys can only be earned by playing Evolve, and cannot be purchased.

###Q: What can I purchase with real money?
A: Currently, nothing. There is no monetization in the game. The only thing we care about right now is making the best game we can make so we can grow the healthiest playerbase possible.

###Q: What is a Hunter skin?
A: A Hunter skin is a new customization option that can be applied to any Hunter you own and have a Hunter skin for. It can also be mixed and matched with weapon skins, so you could choose the breathtaking Hyde Maneater Hunter skin and mix it up with Hyde’s default weapon skin, as seen here:[details=Summary]


###Q: Will new adaptations be free to own or have requirements to unlock?
A: New adaptations can be unlocked through Silver Keys, but may also be added to the weekly character rotation, in case you’d like to give them a try first. If you’re a Founder and you own the adaptation’s base character, you’ll be granted the new adaptation at no cost!


#Other Questions

###Q: What’s the size of the Evolve: Stage 2 client?
A: The total client size is a little over 19GB! We reduced it from 43GB, which is pretty impressive (if we do say so ourselves).

###Q:Are measures being taken to address hackers with Evolve now having a lower barrier of entry?
A:It is not possible to completely eradicate hacking/cheating, but it is possible to hinder it. Doing so requires updating the game client. Upon the next client update, our efforts resume.

###Q: Will we be getting new achievements to unlock with this update?
A: With the launch of Evolve: Stage 2, a lot has changed within the game by putting gameplay first. Because of this, we have removed all achievements as many were no longer attainable. We are looking to adding new achievements after improving major elements to the gameplay.

###Q: Will there be a Refer-A-Friend program with the launch of Evolve: Stage 2?
A: Unfortunately, no, but it’s on our wishlist!


We’ll be updating this as the day goes on, so be on the lookout for more questions and keep them coming on all our social media platforms and of course on the forums!


How do I access Legacy Evolve?

  • Right click on Evolve in your game Library in Steam
  • Select Properties from the resulting dropdown menu and a new window should popup


Use the drop down to select the “legacyevolve” Beta Branch

  • This should queue the download of the old client; from here two things will happen
  • If you owned Evolve prior to the July 7th F2P launch it will download the 40 GB client to play
  • If you did not own Evolve prior to the F2P launch date it will download an empty client

How do I launch Stage 2 in my preferred language?

  • Select Steam from the top left application menu

     <img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/turtlerock/original/3X/7/c/7cf74d0fa9afe70a283d03c19ae6794561b1de32.png" width="240" height="33">
  • Select Setting from the dropdown box


  • From the resulting window select “Interface” and then select the language you would like from the drop down menu


How do I check if I’m a Founder?

We’ve got a few comments about not having Founders status unlocked, so I wanted to add this to the post. Basically if you’re having any issues with Founders here are some things to check before reporting any issues to my2K Support: http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Make sure you have Founder status checked in your Steam client. The image below shows where this can be found. If it isn’t checked, make sure you click the box to make sure your Founders status is ‘on’ and it should update in game. If not be sure to send a ticket over to my2K Support to try and resolve the issue.