Evolve: Stage 2 - Bots That Lead

Ages ago, Evolve: Stage 2 had this patch:

and it says this about the AI:

Update to Hunter AI
The Legacy Hunters have been updated with a new AI blueprint, so be sure to check out the new AI on Val, Griffin, Hank and Markov!

This basically made the above bots lead and split into two groups (like the video below) of random mixture; e.g. Assault and Support, Medic and Trapper, or one switched and such (it however, unfortunately broke the AIs picking up buffs from elite wildlife).

However, those ain’t the only four AIs that had this update, others did too:

Note: Today, I tested all the AI characters to see who leads and I found out even more lead.
So in alphabetical order:
Healer: Lazarus, Slim, Val
Support: Battle Cabot, Bucket, Hank
Trapper: Abe, Crow, Griffin, Jack
Assault: Hyde, Lennox, Markov, Parnell and Renegade Abe.

Any other hunter AIs I didn’t mention use the default follow AI (they will pick up buffs though, compared to the above).

Lastly, for the bots to lead, all slots must be filled with the leading bots e.g. if you are Markov and you have EMET, Bucket and Jack, they won’t lead, due to EMET being a default follow AI, so they’ll all switch to follow AI (doesn’t mean they’ll pick up buffs though, only EMET will, since his AI mode wasn’t changed).

So yeah, if you still play Stage 2 offline and want the bots to lead the way (split up into two), just play any hunter and pick the above hunters.


Thanks for taking the time to dig into this! For anyone curious we completely rewrote how define the AI’s behavior for Stage 2. The goal was to make it easier to build new behaviors at a faster pace for the variants. One of the first things we tried to get working was the behavior of splitting up and working with human players to cut the monster off rather than just blindly following the human players. I recommend playing with Renegade Abe, I tried to make him as efficient as possible with the timings of his abilities :slight_smile:

Sorry about breaking the perks! I promise I was working on fixing it…


Wow that’s super cool to hear! Nice job!

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So was it you who… adjusted the harpoon to ungodly levels of control?


Who is seriously playing Stage 2 vs bots :unamused:


Does it matter? Different strokes for different folks my guy.


What’s wrong with playing vs bots? GhostRobo still plays it and vs bots, plus there are no servers on anymore.
Don’t see the reasoning with your comment.


I’ll try his AI out, thanks for the reply. Love the AI in this game, well designed not just for the hunters and monsters, but for the wildlife as well. :+1:

I suck at the game. So when I didn’t feel like getting “rekt” or when my daughter wanted to watch, I played with bots. :robot:


Never said it was a problem or anything wrong with it. Please don’t add words to my comments.

Well, the way you said it gives the impression.