Evolve: Stage 2 Beta - Spectate Mode and Recommended Level-Ups/Perks

I would like to be able to spectate people and see how they play from both sides (or even watching a bot only match by clicking the spectate button or to have an interesting name, a ‘Simulated Hunt’) and also to help me with choosing my perks for both sides and the level-ups for the monster’s abilities (or auto-level?).

These are only suggestions I would like though, not sure about other people…

I believe this feature is in the game, but you can only watch others when you have a premade team.

Spectating is already in the game but you have to spectate in customs and have players fill all the hunter and monster roles I believe. A great way to learn by watching would be to watch the Community Cup and Pro Tournaments.

Shame it has to be with only friends.

I would prefer others, but thanks for the reply.