Evolve stage 2 beta issues with monster gameplay


my game every time I start playing as monster I keep lagging like crazy like unbearably, and I checked my modem and its fine and my internet is an Ethernet cable sooooooooo. and not only that but my health bar and abilities are zoomed way out to where I can barely see it like this is a real problem for me if yall would like I will make a video but I will not finish the match because it is too unbearable for me to handle.


What is there no update on xbox one?


Don’t even go there. PC only.


yeah its just pc for now I don’t know if they are coming out with anything for console


Take a look at this post from the Devs!


well I mean I want my original problem fixed if yall know anything about that


I’m not sure if the UI issue is related or not to the low FPS, but if you could take any video of that happening it would probably help.


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Hi Jake!

So I found someone having similar issue and a Dev has responded in there so I’m going to merge your Topic in there :slight_smile:

Any extra information such as what Monster, what you were doing, what map or any images/video (if you can) would be greatly appreciated.