Evolve Stage 2 - Awesome new skin discussion!


Discuss the amazing new skins!

Bucket's Man Eater skin is magnificent
I will not spend all my keys...I will not spend all my keys

Just look at it… The moustache…


Lovely skin, definitely funny especially the Pink Hyde but @TheMountainThatRoars


What? Are we not allowed to post stuff yet? The build is live on steam o.O

Edit: nvm, Mountain beat me to the punch for a new skin discussion by around 1 minute, the spry git…



I’m broke


Griffin’s pink moustache is amazing as well, imagine how much effort it must be…


Hahaha that pink mustache…

I REALLY like Monarch and Blood Eagle Lazarus. They look sick! Valkyrie Hyde and Bucket are awesome, too. I love blue skins. :slight_smile:


Can we get pics of all the new skins from the PC players? I’d love to discuss, but I have to see them first.


@skills4u2envy plz


Ask and ye shall receive…

Edit: pics removed, no point having them all twice


Particularly fond of the Lazarus Blood Eagle skin, though I feel like to balance it out we need a Val Diamond Sword skin…


Need some picture help

Thank you two! I can’t wait for TRS to release more. :smiley:

Are there any new monster skins, too?


Wait, that’s all of them? What about the other characters?

I wonder how much these’ll cost on console. I’d like in game currency I could earn.


That’s all the skins on that page so far, I’m sure there will be more soon enough


It should be the same price and you get silver keys just by playing :smile:


They seem to cost around the same amount (in “keys”) as the monster skins (which are all full-body too). Each seems to cost 4000-6000 keys which isn’t much, I started off with around 4000 for being an OG MLG pr0c4ke and I’m up to 7,300 after 3 games (2 wins). Looks like there’s daily quests like Hearthstone to earn more but if they’re that quick I’ll have everything in the store by Monday :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s cool, but who knows how it’ll work on console? They may not bring F2P to us.


The impression I got was that console F2P was part of the plan, they’re just using Steam to get the ball rolling since it’s easier to work with.


We shall see. It’d be nice if they mentioned consoles at all.