Evolve: Stage 2 and Founders - New Badge added!

Played on Xbone and switched to PC. I’m assuming I can’t transfer over all that stuff?

That’s correct. At least for now. It’s possible that could change.

The badges are beautiful!

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What do the Silver Keys do? I didn’t see an explanation on those.

they are used to unlock characters skins, etc.

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(Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes 2.00 (PC Only)):


:upside_down: They are used to unlock characters, skins, perks and upgrade perks

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In game currency :slight_smile:

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Thanks! @Kishan_Devkaran @Aramet @The_Specialist @Sentry_Gun

Ninjas everywhere!! :hugging:


By far the biggest thing that made me uninstall Evolve was that I spent over 60e on the game pre-ordering, then weeks later I was being asked for 15-25e to buy access to the newer hunters.
At the point the new content was being released (sold), I didn’t yet feel I’d actually gotten my monies worth of the 60e I had already spent, I got completely put off and have never touched evolve since.
I’m finding this founder status some what… vague… in regards to what I am getting, it says that all previously unlocked hunters/monsters will carry over, but the above picture also lists a lot of hunters.
My simple question is, as a founder, do I get all the hunters that I had not purchased? because giving me “what I already have” for “free” doesn’t sound like a lot of good treatment, I don’t value stupid backgrounds or skins if I don’t actually have a desire to play the game.

hahaah we all are ninjas, in hiding :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have owned the game since launch and played over 500 hours, but I quit long after season 1 finished but I had already bought a hunting season 2 pass but never used it. I put it on today because I heard of the f2p move and decided to come back but will that second hunting pass still count for me?

I would think so. @mizx?

As long as the Hunting Season 2 was/is tied to your Steam account then you’re set. Nothing is required from you on your side!

Does this answer your question?

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Yes I added the code today and steam accepted it and added it to the DLC listing for evolve. All the other stuff I have owned since launch.

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So, what are “Silver Keys” and what are “Adaptions” of hunters?

The adaptations are varients of the hunters and monsters that changes up how that character plays. They are dope!


Perfect! You should be set when you load up Evolve: Stage 2!

See you on Shear :monster:

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i feel stupid guys, i bought evolve and season pass but i cant tell ingame if i am a founder. Icant see the badges or skins am supposed to have.

How many keys do you have?