Evolve: Stage 2 and Founders - New Badge added!

I think you missed some stuff there:

3,000 Silver Keys, all past and future Adaptations for previously owned Hunters and Monsters, 12 Hunter Perks, 12 Monster Perks, dozens of Weapon Skins, two exclusive badge backgrounds and two unique, animated Founder badge foregrounds. If you owned any Hunters, Monsters, or Skins previously, those will be carried over to Evolve: Stage 2. As a further show of our appreciation to our Founders, we’ll continue to add new Founder exclusive cosmetic items and Founders will get Adaptations for each character they bought as soon as those Adaptations launch

And Macman said that they plan to give Founders even more exclusive stuff in the future :slight_smile:


Do we have to own a DLC to obtain founder status? On the announcement page it says.

“Any player who previously owned Evolve on Steam and bought any DLC content such as skins or characters will have all paid content carry over into Evolve Stage 2. Not only do you get all your old content, Founders will get exclusive badges, skins and other cosmetic items as we continue to update Evolve Stage 2 in the weeks to come.”

But on this post it says “Any player who previously owned Evolve on Steam or also bought any DLC content”

I own the game but never purchased any DLC so will I miss out on founder because I didnt have enough money at the time to purchase DLC?

Goliath and Markov are unlocked through playing the tutorial, this goes for all players.


You unlock them via the tutorials. :slight_smile:

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So does this refer to replaying the tutorial? If so, my bad, I got the context wrong.

Yup, just play the new Hunter and Monster tutorials to unlock them. Easy peasy.

It’s or, so no worries, you’re a Founder :slight_smile:

Thank you sir!

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Do Founders get a little icon near their name?

They get those unique badges :smiley:

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Even after a year I still love the hell out of this game and look forward to its bright future.

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So I own Evolve on console, is it possible to have founder status on the PC beta?

I’m feeling gipped here.
I spent HOURS on each character, hunters/monsters to get them elited. Now I have to spend hours again to get to the same level I was before? Get perks I had before? seems like any of us who actually have played the game and supported it are getting screwed. I already had all the characters, its not a “bonus” to give them to me. I PAID for them.

Maybe I have to wait and see, but right now the information I’m hearing seems to give me a big middle finger.


New perk system yo.

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Perks as you know them are gone, there is an all new perk system now that allows you to customize much more than before.

Eliting now unlocks new skins and badges.

The new method of eliting characters is supposed to be more organic, and should happen as you play a character normally. The crazy, grindy tasks that often required solo play with bots should be a thing of the past. I elited every character in the game myself, and that time is now rendered mute, but now the game has a chance to thrive.

There is no sense in dwelling on your past time investment. Either the game stayed the same, in which case it was going to be shut down in the near future, or it ‘Evolved’ and now you have to earn some masteries again, but they will be easier and you can continue to enjoy the game.

so if i run to walmart and buy a disc version of evolve for pc, would that give me the founders status? i’m guessing i would have to install it first.


is moot. Also moot meant debatable but people don’t generally mean that when they use it. It changed to something that’s pointless because it’s hypothetical which fits your sentence.

Moots used to be like clan gatherings. You’d call a moot if you wanted to debate something.


Yes. If you enter a key after Stage 2 Beta launches on PC, you’ll grant yourself Founder status.