Evolve: Stage 2 and Consoles

Is Evolve: Stage 2 available on consoles?

Not at this time. By having the Beta on Steam, we’re able to iterate very quickly, listen to feedback, and respond in record time compared to our past title updates.

We create a build, then it goes through our internal QA process where they test the viability of pushing that build live. Once they approve, it goes to 2K’s QA team for testing. Once both groups have approved, we’re able to push that build live without having to go through any kind of first party (Microsoft/Sony). This is ideal for rapid iteration and change.

Why do we have to wait for Evolve: Stage 2 to be on consoles?

Consoles involve a certification process, and also require a larger QA team (both internally and at 2K) be dedicated to the project. Evolve: Stage 2 beta is a test to see how it does on one platform where we can iterate quickly.

What’s the certification process? Microsoft and Sony each have a process unique to their platform. It involves testing to make sure the title follows their requirements (XRs on Xbox One and TCRs on PS4). This means that the development process becomes Development Team -> TRS QA -> 2K QA -> First Party.

Due to the certification process and timing, it’s not possible to update weekly on those platforms. Typically, we have to allow for 3-6 weeks for that certification process. Sometimes you submit and fail, and have to submit again, which can push your submission to going live time to that 6 weeks.

Because of this process, once we move to console, we’ll be able to take all the fixes that we’ve made for PC and bring them over to these platforms. This is how a lot of other free titles that are on PC and consoles work.

When will Evolve: Stage 2 be available on consoles?

We don’t have a timeline right now, but when we know more, we will share that with all of you!

What does it mean for the Evolve: Stage 2 PC Beta to be successful?

Our player base needs to stay up and we need people to keep coming back for more! To help encourage that, we’ll have weekly updates and a lot of exciting new features and content coming out in the weeks to come.

We can’t give any exact numbers as that’s confidential information shared between 2K and TRS.

If I bought the game on consoles, can I be a Founder on PC?

At this time, this isn’t something we are able to do. We are investigating whether or not that can change.

Will the Console version be free?


Will we get to play with the devs on console?


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