Evolve Stage 2 10x Multiplier



Is there gonna be a 10x Multiplier event again someday or was it the only one ever?


I would love this event again. But I fear it won’t happen soon enough.


I just hope that the 10x for the exp wont be in. Now everyone have elited everything by playing less than required pretending that they know how to use the characters at the best when in reality they don’t.


true. so true


Come on, it just ended.


I asked cause I totally missed it xD


Best we can say is that you should never say never, but there’s hardly any chance of it repeating in the nearest future, I guess. That’s how it usually is with events that benefit the players that much :frowning:


not too bad for me anyway. I have 3 level 40 characters in total pretty proud about it xD