Evolve: specs?


I was wondering if this game will require high specs. It’d be silly to pre order if my PC won’t be able to run it.




There already is a answer for this but i can tell you again :3 if youre pc runs crysis 3 it can run this game as it uses cryengine 3 X3


Thanks Sadie! You’re the best!


No problem dude and welcome to the forum :3<3


Looks like I’ll need a new video card! :smiley:


Me too and already ordered XP


Which one are you buying?


I bought the evga acx nvidia geforce gtx 770 2gb superclocked version :3


Apparently my PC is too old for a new video card, so I might be getting a new gaming laptop eventually before release.


Nice i like gaming laptops :3 had msi gt70 and it was awesome :3!


Can Someone say what is the hardware in the computer when Dev try the game?


can someone tell me a good gaming laptop 2 buy i’ll use it in playing Evolve :3


well if you have enough money for it then i suggest this web site:

Customize your laptop:

Buy a none customized laptop:


i dont have enough money im a bit poor T_T


start saving money like i have done for 4 months :slight_smile:


im from philippines so it will be HARD AS HELL!!! T_T and im just a freshman college student


So are the specs already known?