Evolve Soundtrack


I don’t know if it too much to ask but would it be realistic to get an Evolve soundtrack? I ain’t talking about the song of the trailer. More like some epic orchestra music à la LotR or PotC.

So the moment you hear it, you must think of Evolve. For example Runescape, a MMORPG I used to play a long time ago, has a Soundtrack while logging in I can’t forget, no matter I haven’t heard it for years.

Would be great if you can actually make that happen, but I realize it’s a great deal to ask.


Believe there are already few tracks?


I’d love to see an epic soundtrack for this game, though I doubt we’ll get anything really grand sounding for the most part. Its really hard to have music in a PvP game without it interfering with the gameplay, especially in a game so focused on stealth and positional awareness. If there’s any music at all, I’m anticipating a lot of really quiet, atmospheric music. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be bad, though! Plenty of really awesome atmospheric music out there, so here’s hoping for some memorable tunes! And of course, some exciting fanfare when you evolve or win a match.

I’d be wary about trying to add dynamic battle music, though. Could risk having the music cues give away positions before people notice them. Only way I could see that working is tying a battle tune to damage being taken or dealt rather than position. Or maybe even trapping the monster successfully inside a dome with you, at which point something like this should suffice.


Whenever I hear Mother I think Evolve.
It’s basically the theme music for Evolve.


I would love to hear a soundtrack somewhere down the line. I expect it would be mostly atmospheric music, but it would still be cool to hear outside of game context.

In the meantime, I’ll be compiling a group of good songs to hunt to. Mother is definitely on the list. I’ll have to look through my iTunes to see what else would be a good option. I’m definitely thinking “welcome to the jungle” would be a good choice. “stay in shadow” for the sneaky bits. maybe as a silly option “hungry like the wolf”. I’ll have to give it some thought.


During the alpha I was just idling on the main menu, partly due to the music. Soundtrack please!


Maybe there is some developer which could give us his/her opinion.


Regarding what?


I want this type of music while playing. Also, this video is really awesome if you haven’t seen it. Apparently it was filmed with a potato -.- That being said, I love how much of a jerk these crows are. Music really picks up around 1:15 (As does the action.) But it’s worth watching the whole thing through.


Regarding in game music.


Is it just me or was there really cool music during the first dropship drop during the Alpha that is strangely absent now in the beta? It is easily my favorite track and now it appears to be gone… Is my game just bugged?


I loved that music… There was music when the monster escaped the mobile arena too, and they removed that in the beta too D;

I wonder why they removed it, I really liked those :o