Evolve solo evac change team glitch/bug PS4


So I’m just playing evac solo with just bots, and after I did the first mission of hunt as the hunters, after I completed hunt, and chose nest for day 2 the game got weird instead of choosing my hunter first I was choosing the monster first. And assault wasn’t visible at all it had no name no green or red bar below where assault supposed to be while the monster who I chose red, green bar was flashing and it said it was a bot everyone else was a bot except assault who didn’t exist so I just start the next mission to see what happens when I did I was playing the monster, and it chose whoever for assault he was in the game when the match started. this has happen to me twice with solo evac as hunters.


Have anyone else experience this glitch/bug yet


So the game auto picked characters for you?

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I think the bug here is he started evac as a hunter, but somehow on day 2 he was put as monster. Assault was meant to be his spot, but he couldn’t choose an assault because he was put as monster. A random assault was chosen when the match started. (Edit: don’t quote me on that though. :smile:)

Can’t say I’ve experienced this bug as I don’t play evac very often at all.

@Cybererwolf3526 do you happen to have a video of the bug? It doesn’t matter if you don’t, but it may be useful for the devs. :slight_smile:

Also welcome to the forum Cybererwolf3526. I’d recommend giving this topic a read to show you what’s what around here. :wink:


Your words exactly Jedi_warriorno I don’t have a video up but I did record it let find a way to post it give me a sec

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Your words exactly I’m trying to post the video now taking its sweet time though Jedi_warrior

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sry for the spam the Internet isnt working well at the moment but that isn’t the cause of the bug problem I was offline both times

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I think I’ve heard of the bug before, but I’m not sure. It sounds familiar anyway.

So it wasn’t a connection issue. It’s a bit of a strange one really. :smile:

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