Evolve: Slaughter Week (Updated with Final Results!)


With the appearance of a new breed of Monster appearing on Shear, the Hunters have their hands tied. Blood shall be spilt on both sides, and in the end, only one faction can be crowned as the true alphas of Shear…

#The Briefing

As we all know, the newest member to the Monster team, Gorgon, is being released on to the surface of Shear. Hunter players are going to have their work cut-out for them, as they will be facing off against a flurry of Monsters, some old, and some new. War is being declared and it all goes down today, 12 PM PST. But how will we know who wins this war?

#The Idea

I made this thread for Hunter and Monster players to post their wins in. This way, we can know which faction is the true alpha of Shear.

Make a single, solitary post down below this one saving your spot. All this week (starting today, 12 PM PST until Sunday, 12 PM PST) you will be putting in how many Monster/Hunter wins you get in your ONE POST. I will then add them all up on Sunday and announce which side wins.

Remember, ONE POST ONLY. Unless you have a question about the challenge, please refrain from discussion in here.

#The Format

Here’s what the format of your posts should look like…

#The Reminders

• You can play as ANY Monster or Hunter, doesn’t matter.
• You tally up your WINS, not your KILLS.
• Any and all online wins apply.
• Solo wins do not count towards Slaughter Week.

#The Closing

Get your Rock’s polished, your Shield Projectors charged, and your asses on Shear players, because Slaughter Week is here!

#The Ending Statistics

Well, it’s over folks, and it looks like the Monsters blew the Hunters out of the water! Things ain’t looking too good for Shear, guys. Hunters, put in some work next time!

Monster Wins: 128

Hunter Wins: 66

Games Won in Total: 194

Monster Percent of Wins: 65.98%

Hunter Percent of Wins: 34.02%


Monster wins: 11
Hunter wins: 6


Monster wins: 6
Hunter wins: 0


You might want to change ‘kills’ to wins to save any confusion. Otherwise monster players may post the number of kills they get, so 4 in one match for example. Thus giving the monsters an advantage. :wink:




Monster Wins: 0

Hunter Wins: 0


Monster Wins: 0
Hunter Wins: 0

GL HF and Well Met :wink:


Monster Wins: All
Hunter Wins: 0

I’ll post real numbers but somehow I think this will be fairly close :smiley:


Monster Wins: 2
Hunter Wins: 5

Sorry I don’t have more games in, most of the time I was able to play I spent working towards eliting Gorgon, and I don’t count those matches since I altered the settings in my favor. These stats only show real genuine hunts VS humans.


Hunter: 7 ech >.<

Don’t expect much from a pub player >.<


Monster Wins: 5
Hunter Wins: 3


Monster :
Hunter :


Monster Wins: 0
Hunter Wins: 0


Monster Wins: 5 ( 2 of which were with Gorgon - I’m not a good Monster)
Hunter Wins: ~12 (forgot to count them exactly)

Didn’t play all that much and I played in Customs quite a bit, so I have a lot of Hunter losses. :joy:


Monster: 30
Hunter: 18
Not exactly 100%, sorta guessed on both.


For all monsters. :wink:


Monster wins : 3
Hunter wins : 13

Prepare your ANU.!


Monster Wins:
Hunter Wins:


Monster Wins: 3
Hunter Wins: 6


Solo is not counted.

All online wins apply.