Evolve skins?


So I bought the blood eagle skin for all the trappers, but why isnt their any skins for the new trapper crow. I have also bought all the skins for the monsters, but behemoth doesnt get any of those either. If i buy a monster skin pack, it would be nice for all the future monsters to get that skin as well (only if you buy the skin bundles). the new savage skins came out for the kraken and wraith, but I have to pay for them as well? why didnt those come with the bundle when I pre-ordered. I dont enjoy buying skins for each monster separately, I generally buy them all together in a bundle. My point is not to complain, its just an idea. If you buy the trapper skin bundle, all of your future trappers should have that skin free and avaliable for them to be downloaded. As well as the monsters, if I buy a monster skin bundle, all of my current monsters and future monsters should get it, regardless of when that skin is released for them later. pre-order savage goliath, then 2 months later i have to pay for savage kraken and wraith? its getting a little ridiculous, these skins not applying to future monsters or hunters.


As far as the Savage skins are concerned that is one of the downsides to pre-order incentives. Regarding the rest of the packs, I’m not too sure about the past packs, but I would think that they will add the T4 Hunters down the road with new packs (like the Predator skins for the St. Paddy’s Day Trapper Challenge). The behemoth is reported to have more skins on the way, including the Dev Gold skin, but for right now it’s just the Jade and Sandstone through the Evolve Store in-game.

And I agree that the Behemoth should have access to at least most of the older skins even though he is getting exclusive rock-themed skins because a Savage (and Cosmic) Behemoth would be supremely AWESOME.