Evolve Skins

Are there gonna be any skins because i saw in a video that u can Unlock a skin for Goliath saw it on a live stream ?

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Yes, the goliath skin you can get from pre-ordering the game :smile:
They can release other skins as DLC or maybe allow modding for PC ( who knows :slight_smile: )

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I hope that kraken gonna have skins too

There’s also the elite skins for hunters and monsters if you get three star mastery with that character.

Also you can’t use it but I think there’s a skin for devs.


Thats obviously the cupcake skin ^^

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I’d rly like to see Gentleman Goliath with a bigass stovepipe hat and a monocle, maybe smoking a pipe. :smile:

All characters have an ‘elite skin’. This is unlocked by completely mastering any character. We haven’t seen any of them yet, but it is implied the visible difference, while noticeable, is not as extreme as say, the savage skin.

The Savage Goliath skin is unlocked by either preordering, or buying the 4th monster expansion pack. It essentially gives Goliath more red in case you are sad when he has no armor. It has been hinted at that a similar skin for Kraken will be released, showcasing extra blue markings. However, the naming has not been confirmed.

The devs have also states that later down the line, albino skins and weapon skins may become available.

Actually, the cupcake was an early placeholder for hunter bodies before they had a corpse model for them. You just got cupcaked b*tch!


In the Big Alpha trailer I swear the Kraken has blue warpaint on his face. Could be a skin or just lighting. Jump to 1:08 for what I’m talking about. Hey, it’s even in the thumbnail! Awesome! Because it’s in the Big Alpha trailer I wouldn’t be surprised if it had to do with the Elite Kraken skin.

I’m pretty sure that is just how Kraken glows. I remember seeing in in E3 footage from a hunter’s view with Kraken head on at stage three and full armor.

I remember reading a post that Developers have a special Monster skin, but not for Hunters and that they aren’t in the Big Alpha.

But, for OP. Skins will be released as DLC. At launch we only know of Elite skins and the Savage Goliath skin.

I meant the skins for the hunters weapons, but I didn’t know they weren’t going to be in alpha.

Edit: Reread your comment and totally misread it, sorry it’s 2:37 in the morning here and I can’t sleep

Really? Oh I love that… so sinister and macabre in some way lol

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Daisy has her own elite skin. MUST SEE!

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Daisy Skin confirmed. Here is a pic.

For Pre-Ordering the game you will earn the Savage Goliath Skin.
Depending on where you Pre-Order (ie… Gamestop) you will also earn the Exterminator Weapon skins for Hank’s Laser Cutter, Markov’s Lightning Gun, Maggie’s Machine Pistol, and Val’s Anti-Material Rifle.

Additionally, there are Elite Skins unlocked by gaining mastery over each Hunter or Monster.

Further Skins will be introduced in DLCs.

There will also be golden monster skins for playing between March 5 and 8

i would love to see that too. What about a tribal skin? Or maybe a skeletal skin?! those would be awesome. could u imagine a wraith with a skeleton face on his skin where her face is supposed to be?!