Evolve Skins need to be.. skins, not filters

Everyone else has been bitching about the season pass, cost of monster etc. I don’t mind paying for new hunters or monsters. I get that turtle rock can’t afford to keep working on a game and getting paid nothing for it. And if people want to complain that “everything should have been in the game from release” they should shut up. because on release, what we got was a finished game. Perfectly playable, and finished. Them adding content, means exactly that, they are ADDING stuff to a finished game, and you can’t/shouldn’t expect them to do that out of the kindness of their hearts while they starve and go homeless.

My BIG issue with this game is the skins that they CHARGE for. they look like they take 20 seconds to make by just changing a color and done. lets charge a couple bucks for that, it’ll be fine. I think that is pathetic. i don’t know whether its turtle rocks or 2k’s decision for things like that. but if i was a dev on the game, i would want the skins to be… new skins. not just a new instagram filter applied to things. and for the hunters, it should change them too. not just their gear. its pathetic. You should take a page out of Heroes of the Storm’s book and when you make a new skin, make it exactly that, a new skin. instead of having 2 different color cats. make it too different breeds of cats. make Savage Goliath LOOK savage. don’t make him a darker shade of the original. It’s really disappointing and a real waste of potential. i will more than likely continue to pay for hunters and monsters, but unless you step up your game on instagram filters, i won’t be buying any of them. they really aren’t worth it. and i really wish they were.

The gun skins are somewhat simplistic but the monster skins are anything but simple.

I can understand where you are coming from. However, I just see it as I don’t like the skin so I’m not going to buy it but maybe others will. Maybe someone wants a red wraith or a green behemoth because it is there favorite color and thats what makes them like the skin.

But, I would like to see more “changes” in the paid skins. Like an acid skin for goliath would have his veins be bright green instead or red and his flame breath would look more like and acid shower. The leap smash would look green, the tier 3 rock throw rock would have green details, etc. This could be a cool way of adding “replayabilty” to the game without adding a whole new monster.

Edit: And a note on the hunter skins. Yeah it does kind of suck that it is a weapon skin and not a character skin. I wish they would of done more but there must have but doubts in the stages of development such as should the characters armor color match their role for such and such reason.

I’ll agree that higher quality skins would be a nice addition, but I don’t think a lot of people realize how much time and money would be involved if TRS produced these total cosmetic re-skins for something like a Goliath.

For a Monster re-skin would probably take a good amount of time to pull off since concepting and 3D modelling a brand new Monster would I assume, take a large amount of time and resources.

On top of that you have to worry if this will hinder gameplay, because this awesome looking skin might just indirectly nerf the character, it might show up too easily. This is sadly one of the problems related to the core design of the game with players relying on visual information to distinguish each character, you change that and you just complicated what you wanted to achieve from the start.

The amount of graphic fidelity put into each Monster is extremely high and this drives up costs way higher compared to the skins in LoL/Heroes of the Storm.


I get that the detail involved in this game is huge especially compared to heroes of the storm. But their skins while the pricing is faily high, change the characters look completely, and now they have decided to go back and change more things about it, like their attacks and mounts, and now even some voices. but yes i understand that their is a HUGE amount of details, and i wouldn’t expect Evolve to reskin their attacks, or even start from scratch but some tweaks would go a LONG way.

That’s all they need. is tweak the appearance. not just a color change. and maybe not with the monsters, but at least with the weapons, a color change should be free. but clothing changes, colors, tweaks should be the skins that are purchasable. their pricing is just too high for these minor cosmetic adds.

Each Monster skin is not one, but three models- Stage One, Two and Three. Keep that in mind.

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Gotta start somewhere. They are focusing resources on new Hunters and new Monsters for now. When income increases and they can get a bigger team, they can start “multi-tasking” to create more things at once.

Honestly, if you want to support them eventually creating more detailed skins, buy current DLC. The more money they have, the more they can do.

To be fair on them i don’t expect them to pump out one a week. but you also have to remember they have an entire team working on this game. its not like its 1 person, trying to fix bugs, they’d have a team (maybe small, maybe large) that are just dedicated to graphic design, potentially JUST monsters even, i don’t know how their setup is. but they wouldn’t have to re do the way the Monster moves with minor tweaks. would just be the outside layer of the monster, making stage 3 look badass, then progressively less different in stage 2 and 1.

Hyble, i bought the monster race edition on pc (like 130 Australian dollars) and the Digital Edition on Xbox one that came with ALL the DLC that’s currently out which was also over 100 Australian dollars. I have supported this game since i found out about it and was eagerly awaiting its release. I love the game. i just think if they want people to buy the skins, they should make them worth buying. what they have released so far should be unlock ble. not purchasable

Of course. To be honest I think they should take more time and make better quality skins, because that’s what people wold enjoy more, I feel.

I love this game and have bought everything there is from.the store except 2 of the skin packs since they just looked so dull and plain (hunters) how every I will say that the monster skins look good and would like to see more popping colors, rather than just plain o’ gray skin(default for Goliath ) I mean elite monster skins already make them stand out as much as they can since they make them albinos (white main color) only way to top that is by making them have neon colors that bright out around the characters.

Everything seems to be fine in the monster department in terms of skins and skin quality, 3$ a monster skin considering it’s actually 3 skins, one for every stage, not bad. however the hunter skin designs are, well, lazy to say the least.


The art team should have put more quality into the hunter skins not only changing their equipment but SOME of the clothing(Ex. Caira’s hat ,shirt, and/or pants) heck maybe even chaning some of the colors of beams and healing burst, they did however do a wonderful job with Daisy and Gobi, making them look badass.

There are some very nice skin ideas on the forums. We don’t want reskinned skins. :stuck_out_tongue:
We want unique skins, that make us enjoy the character more. If we have to wait a month in between each new skin, I would wait.

I definitely hope for skins that alter a character’s outline, but I understand that would take a lot of time. What I would really like to see is more interesting and complicated colored skins for the monsters; adding patterns to their hides (more like the bog and savage skins). A tiger-ish skin would be really cool; or adding parallel stripes to their shoulders/hinds.

I would like to see a official contest of some sort. I’m sure there are many talented fans that could contribute.
Have TRS release the model or something similar and have the community do the work for them. this could solve many of the manpower hours while still benifitting the company. bear in mind i have no idea how games are actually made or if this could be implemented, but if it’s just a recolor it could be feasible.
the winner could get something arbitrary but still rewarding. like a T-shirt.

I have ideas for skins, but not the Photoshop skills for them.

I’m sure there are those in the community that could make it work. just look at all the fanart and whatnot. recoloring someone elses stuff is leagues easier than drawing your own.