Evolve skins ideas (What ideas do you have post them here)


I really would love if you could do this skin for Goliath

and maybe an mecha kraken skin

Idea For New Skins

I think it would be cool if they did skins that had a bio-luminescent glow to them that also change up the color scheme. For instance, if you made Goliath jet black, and put protrusions of glowing purple pockets where spikes used to be. It looks really cool in my head :slight_smile:


Does it really matter which color monster have? Let them surprise us. :slight_smile:


Mecha Kraken skin


I’d like to see a skin for Goliath that really makes the skull like white spot on his head brighter and more ghostly, maybe while darkening the rest of his body so it stands out more.

I’d also like to see a Kraken skin that, aside from his bio-luminescent blue patches, makes the rest of his body a beetle-shell black, to accentuate the xenomorph-like elements of his design.


I am sorry guys but @SlabOMeat said that there won’t be any character skins except for elite and savage goliath skin. He althoug said that there will be weapon skins!


who cares (I’m going to get shouted at aren’t I) we can still put up our ideas


ok my idea is kraken but like an arm,half a leg and a tentacle have been replaced with metallic versions


oh that’s an old kraken consept but they could go back to it


Sure it’s good that you guys show some interest in to the game! Mine idea is Metal bucket. Given a punk haircut (purple colour) and all those spiky and black things such as leather jacket and stuff. I would make a special voicing for him too!


Mecha Goliath would be awesome to see!


you just gave me an awesome idea. Here it is what about a steampunk bucket


I want a t-shirt that Hyde wears that says “Hyde shot First”


I love this.


For Goliath, the forest hunter skin. Primarily green, goliath is covered in black stripes like a tiger to allow it to blend easier with its environment. The usual red glow of Goliath is altered to be a bright green instead.

For Kraken, the reaper. Krakens usual colouration becomes a deep black, except the face which instead becomes bone white. The blue glow of Kraken becomes deeper, and his usual lightning (except lightning strike) is supplanted with a black smoke


Hey man, highly concentrated blasts of smoke could do damage. :wink:


Oh I know, i’ve played infamous second son


I love the idea of a white skull goliath face, or like the white hand of Sauron lolol I think that a gold and black skin would look awesome


Compare that to the Goliath Elite skin. See the resemblance? To make it look more like the artwork would probably mean changing the model.


maybe give the Goliath triceratops horns, the kraken a sailor hat, and the wraith a head of an alien from the alien movies