Evolve should be Re-Reviewed

 Its been almost a year since I've started playing this game and holy crap has it changed or what?

Now, most companies, youtubers and streamers didn’t necessarily give Evolve a bad review but it wasn’t as good as I think it should have been. I personally felt the whole DLC issue to be completely blown out of proportion and dumb, and TRS has fixed a lot of that with lower prices and countless free, in-game things.

 Balance was another issue with people who were playing the game when it came out. Mostly Wraith being unfair or not fun and some hunters being just useless. But TRS has been on top of that mofo with constant patches and hotfixes. Leveling is better than it was, the new game mode, changes to simple game-play. All things things have made Evolve feel completely different then the release version. Reviews like AngryJoe have 2 million hits and it's just him complaining about honestly stupid things. I feel that this game deserves a second chance with the masses. (all my opinions)

Why people are so stupid and hate Evolve? See recent Steam-Reviews

interesting thing to think about, sadly no one really rereviews games that much anymore.

although they painted a bad picture in the mind of the consumers, the reviewers werent wrong.
evolve did come out with 12 hunters 3 monsters , no adaptations and little free content.

just because the reviews called evolve overpriced and or unbalanced doesnt mean the reviewers were purposely trying to bash the game, they were stating the truth, which can be ugly.

everyone is entitled to their own opinions and if that reviewer happens to dislike evolve’s dlc and balance issues, so be it, i’d rather have a small, smart community than a large idiotic community.

im saying idiotic community because anyone who bases what they want to buy off of those lying scum reviewers, not naming names, is obviously not the brightest in the first place


Eh… What?


Yep they should write to AngryJoe to re-review the game. Because his video IMO hurt the Evolve most


just because they have their own opinions doesnt mean they arent a-holes.

im defending them in the matter that they were not wrong with the dlc issue, but i also dislike them because they shone a bad light on evolve.\

its a confusing mess


I enjoy Evolve, and I agree, but Reviewers need a good clean game to play. Evolve is full of bugs and glitches that ruin gameplay, its not even funny, and half of those bugs/glitches have been out for a year.


The problem many of us had with these reviews, was not because of opinion difference, it was the fact that the reviewers were severely lacking in knowledge and skill relating to the game, which as you would expect, makes for a poor review.


what were they misinformed on?


Gameplay details; what certain abilities and Monsters did, the whole DLC ‘controversy’, you name it.


I read an article saying that Kraken was a monster you have to pay for, and that it was made better than Goliath on purpose to add incentive to purchase it.

I also read one that stated that Behemoth was only for PC, and that it was held back from the game purposefully so that they could charge us for it.


Humans… V_V


Put anyone from this community up against an Evolve heckler, we’d destroy them every single time, simply because we have the facts.


I love how people complained about having to track the monster, saying he was too fast before Wraith was even out.


Reviewers are and will always be dumb. People just need to learn to listen to their friends and do research themselves.


Very true zeon sniff he made me sad :cry:


Reviewers were right for the most part.

Also, the game still has bugs and glitches that were present in the ALPHA. That alone should destroy any goodwill changes TRS has made.


Ummmm other games have that too. It’s not evolve exclusive…


Like what? List a few.

Also to my knowledge most bugs from launch have been patched long ago and some stragglers are still being squashed. It seriously irks me whenever someone acts like bugs from test platforms such as Alphas and Beta might not make into launch and even more so when they act like the developers(this is TRS who we are talking about) don’t care. They have put so much time into reshaping this game for the better and just because you claim it still has bugs from the alpha doesnt mean they should be treated like they don’t care.

This game deserves a re-review, the playerbase, and any new players to come.


I was seeing reviews that gave evolve a bad rating because it took too long to find the monster and that made it boring for them. A lot of opinions of this game were based on people sucking at it.


yeah 2 million people listening to him say how much evolve lied to us? What crap that is.