Evolve Short Film- Fan Made. Live Action. Dev Appreciation



Hey everyone. I’m Will. I’m a second year student doing a Film and TV college course. I am a huge…HUGE fan of evolve and have followed it since I first saw it in 2013. It has recently come to the FMP (Final Major Project) of my course and we have free reign of what we make…and I decided to create a Short Film based off a game that I love. I really hope you all like it and notice the subtle reference I included for the Devs.

Obviously its all copyright of TurtleRock but I hope they see it for what it is which is an appreciation for all their hard work.

Thanks everyone. Thanks Turtle Rock.

Will Out.

Update. Phil Robb Likes :DDDDD


and YES!


Best part was the honest acting. Many student films you can feel that the actors are acting their dialog rather than living within it…well done to both of you guys for “keeping it real.”


Thanks so much man. Means so much that you enjoyed it :blush:


Wait a minute…Is there a link to the video!? I’m at work and somethings on the forums are “invisible” to me…


Yep, it’s on YouTube.


there you go man :smile:


Phill Robb himself watched and Liked my film! I Dunno how to contain myself!


Haha the corpse was you.